Sunday, December 02, 2007

Radio Netheralnds: Religious Freedom in Egypt!

The inhumane treatment of religious minorities in Egypt is clearly portrayed in this Radio Netherlands program. It interviews a number of individuals who are directly affected by their inability to obtain the national ID card solely because of their belief.

The case of a young Baha'i university student who was expelled from the university because of his religion is presented in his own voice. Since his father is now dead, this young man is struggling to fulfill his responsibility to support the rest of his family but he cannot because, according to the current arcane authoritarian policies, he does not exist without an ID card--thus he suffers civil death!

The program also examines the dilemma of those who, at one time, were forced to convert from Christianity to Islam and now want to return to Christianity--all road blocks are placed in their path!

This program is indeed worthy of listening to...please click here to listen.


  1. This is a moving account portraying both the suffering of a young Baha'i and his family and the aggression by the authorities in their failing attempt to dictate one's religion. In doing so, the authorities have ignored not only the Constitution, its international obligations, or the human rights of its own citizens, but have also violated Islamic teachings of "no compulsion in religion"!

  2. That a young man so much in need of establishing his future should have the conviction and integrity to maintain his beliefs and stand firm in the face of powerful and determined authorities is testament enough to the validity of the issues being addressed. The clear and simple solution - of renouncing his religion - that would see him free to pursue common rights and freedoms are outweighed by a sense of righteousness and a conscious determination to pursue the development of justice in the very land that seeks his destruction. This is nobility and faith in action.

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  4. r.a.,
    There is so much to learn from this young man.

  5. Sam,
    Thank you for the notice. I added the logo.


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