Thursday, June 04, 2009

Egypt Moving Forward With its Commitment to Human Rights

Based on recent developments and reliable reports, the Egyptian Government should be acknowledged for its efforts in treating its Baha'i religious minority, as well as other minorities, with dignity and respect. Among several examples, related recently and reported by some Egyptian media outlets, Baha'is are increasingly being recognized for their positive role in their society and for being an integral part of its fabric.

As a first step in the Government's efforts to improve the civil rights status of the Baha'is of Egypt, the civil administrative authority is moving forward with granting the Baha'is their identification documents in an orderly manner. Naturally this process of ID issuance will take time to implement for all those concerned but, nevertheless, these efforts speak for the government's intentions and commitment to do the right thing for its minorities which have been oppressed in the not too distant past. As this path continues to be pursued, the Baha'is of Egypt are quite confident that Egypt will indeed come through with its promise for a happier and greater future for all its lawful citizens.

There are also clear signs that these efforts are genuine and are intended to move Egypt forward in its quest for moderation and tolerance. It would be indeed timely to express gratitude and respect for such a positive trend.


  1. Dear Bilo,

    Thank you for sharing the news of these welcome developments. It is inspiring to learn of the efforts being made by the Egyptian government to recognize the rights of all of its citizens.

  2. Wonderful news! Even as the fear of Baha'is is mitigated in Egypt, do we in Hawaii make efforts to reduce Islam-i-phobia here and continue to work shoulder to shoulder with Egyptian friends and colleagues.

  3. LizKauai,
    Your efforts in helping integrate religious minorities in Hawaii are commendable.

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