Monday, February 02, 2009

Perhaps Next Time You Might Get Your Rights!

After ruling on all the cases before the court today, and in the midst of confusion and lack of accountability, the Egyptian Supreme Administrative Court's Judge informed those present that he has not "seen" the Baha'i file needed to announce the verdict in that case!

The answer to this situation was quite simple: come back again on 16 February 2009, and by then, may be...just may be, the judge will have something to say. In the interim, the Baha'is of Egypt are left hanging and with very little hope for justice or civil rights....

Following the initial hearing of the appeal on 27 September 2008 by this court and the scheduled verdict date of 20 October, this is the fifth postponement (3 November, 15 December, 19 January 2009 & 2 February) by Egypt's Supreme Administrative court regarding the appeal brought by Islamist lawyers in their attempt to reverse the 29 January 2009 ruling that permitted the Baha'is of Egypt to obtain ID cards and birth certificates with dashes [--] inserted in place of religious identification.

Attached is a prayer by Abdu'l-Baha, the son of the Founder of the Baha'i religion, revealed for the Baha'is of Egypt. It was scanned from Howard Colby Ives [early American Baha'i] personal papers in the U.S. National Archives.

Below, is the complete version of the prayer for the Baha'is of Egypt that was sent for publication in 1919 by Shoghi Effendi Rabbani who later became the Guardian of the Baha'i Faith:


Recent Tablet to the Bahá'ís of Egypt

Translation of the blessed Tablet revealed by 'Abdu'l-Bahá and sent by him for publication

Haifa, Palestine, March 17, 1919.


Dear Sir: I herewith enclose a copy of a Tablet recently revealed for the
friends and maid servants of the Merciful in the country of Egypt, which the
Beloved wishes you to publish in the columns of your well known STAR THE WEST.
Shoghi Rabbani.

To the friends and the maid servants of the Merciful in the country of Egypt
Upon them be El Baha el Abha!

0 ye who are sincere! 0 ye who are attracted! 0 ye who are of the new creation!

God, the Praised and the Exalted, hath said: "Are these the same as the old
creatures Nay rather, they are clothed in garments of a new creation!" Then know
ye that in the estimation of God, the example of the creatures is like unto a
pure, blessed tree of a wonderful trunk and strong seeds. He causes it to grow
gracefully, then its roots become firm, its twigs spring forth, its leaves
become verdant, its flowers bloom and its fruits appear. Then its shade expands
over all the regions, until it reaches its ultimate evolution and growth,
attains to its development and height, its significance become perfect and its
branches extend over the East and the West of the earth.
Then its creation is completed, its evolution is accomplished, its hopes become
evident, it obtains its desire, it attains to its utmost perfection and its
beauty becomes manifest. Then its withering begins, its leaves turn yellow, its
flowers become scattered, its fruits fall down and its earthly elements return
to the layers of its soil. No fruits remain upon it, no leaves, no
attractiveness, no beauty, no sweetness and no freshness, until it becomes like
unto an old hollow palm tree.

Then a new tree grows from its seeds, green, verdant and freshened by the
divine outpouring, the merciful breeze, the heat from the Sun of Reality, the
heavy rain from the clouds of the abundant mercy and the blowing wind from the
wafting place of Providence. "Whatever verse we abolish or forget we replace by
a better one." This is the example of the new creation, the miraculous cycle and the second resurrection, which is in conformity with the first creation.

Then thank ye God, the Praised and the Exalted, for the light of guidance, this
complete bounty and this great bestowal.
He chooseth for His mercy

whomsoever He wisheth." Then it is incumbent upon ye to cry out with most
wonderful melodies:

Praise be to the One who created this marvelous dispensation!

Praise be to the One who made this new creation wonderful!

Praise be to the One who ordained this great outpouring!

Praise be to the One who shone forth with this evident light!

Praise be to the One who renewed this wonderful springtime!

Praise be to the One who perfumed the nostrils of the people of oneness with
the merciful fragrance which is diffused in all the countries! "And

thou didst see that the land which was barren and lifeless when we caused the
water to descend upon it, moved and grew and brought forth a beautiful pair of
all things."

Praise be to the One through the outpouring of Whose clouds these countries
became verdant!

Praise be to the One through the heavy rain of Whose compassion these rose
gardens became beautified!

Praise be to the one through the current of Whose stream, these reservoirs
became overflowing!

Praise be to the One who has chosen the sincere ones to spread His teachings in
the countries!

Praise be to the One who selected for His mercy pure souls; through the
fragrance of whose love and perfumed breaths the hearts of the pious throb!

Praise be to the One who made the stars of guidance to smite the wicked!

Praise be to the One who guided the chosen community to the upright way and
straight path!

- SW v. 10, p. 73-74


  1. "This is the third postponement by Egypt's Supreme Administrative court regarding the appeal brought by Islamist lawyers in their attempt to reverse the 29 January 2009 ruling."

    Sorry but, it is the third really?, or it is a mistake?, because, it was firstly on 20 of October, then the 3 of november, after that the 15 of december, then the 19 of january, then the 2 of february and now the 16 of february..., it might be the fifth time it has been postponed, no?

    I say it because I have an spanish blog (, and if it is the third I have some things bad writed..., I want to knows if I'm right or something is bad :S

    Sorry for all this and thank you for all bahá'í news form Egypt (hope I hear good news soon!)
    Greetings from Spain,

  2. Could it be that this is the way the Egyptian justice system functions no matter the case? Do they ever make a swift decision or are their hands always "tied" by the government, the religious authorities, the ... you name it.
    I have the sad feeling that their courts for some reason or another are always in disarray and that many suffer because of it.

  3. Arpy,
    This is exactly what happens when so many postponements occur!

    The appeal was first heard by the Supreme Administrative Court on 27 September 2008. It then scheduled its verdict for 20 postponed until 3 November...postponed again until 15 December...postponed again until 19 January 2009...postponed again until 2 February...postponed again until 16 February 2009.

    So, as you see, one initial hearing and 5 postponements. Thank you for noting this. I corrected the post.

  4. Anonymous,
    Yes and no!

    This particular case and its so many postponements is out of the ordinary. It is better not to guess, but if I try to do so, my gut feeling is that no one wants to handle the hot potato, so it gets tossed around....

    When you put yourself in the judge's shoes you would be able to figure out the many reasons for all these postponements...I see that you already figured that out.

  5. Not again! Is this a Monty Python sketch or what?
    I hope that the Egyptian media are noticing the obvious and are highlighting the number of postponements to this decision. While at it they should also name and shame the judges who have for one reason or the other, been too scared so far to fulfil their duty: to stand up for justice!

  6. I have a suggestion for the Administrative court in Egypt...

    There is this American organization that assists those that have the problem that seems to plague the Egyptian court system…

  7. By yet another lost opportunity to demonstrate any measure of responsibility and credibility, the Supreme Administrative Court has once again made evident their determination to disclaim the very right of the Baha’i community to due legal process and representation. An appeal by a hostile entity not party to the case - that by legal practice should not have been allowed consideration in the first place - has been used as further leverage to postpone the acknowledgment of what has been long established as a basic and unquestionable human right.

    Nevertheless, it is anticipated that the future will see the court’s purpose fulfilled, rather than perform in contradiction with its title as the “Supreme Administrative Court”.

  8. I hate to sound flippant but it seems that Alice in Wonderland had better luck with the Queen of Hearts than what the Bahais are having with the ALLEGED legal system in either Egypt or Iran

  9. Friends, let's persevere in our prayers for the Bahá'ís in Egypt:


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