Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Critical Information on the Crisis Facing Baha'is in Iran

The crisis facing the Baha'is of Iran is gaining unprecedented global attention on a scale never seen before. The global outrage at the Islamic Republic of Iran's actions against the innocent Baha'i population, and its incarcerated group of leaders, is manifested in numerous daily important press publications, government declarations and condemnation, statements by prominent organizations, parliamentarian and congressional resolutions, etc....

There have been so many critical developments that must be noted. By keeping up with these developments, one cannot but to appreciate their importance and their critical value in bringing an end to such utterly inhumane and systematic schemes by the Iranian authorities in their attempts to destroy the Baha'i religion.

In order to closely follow these important developments, it is highly recommended to frequently visit the following two sites which provide constant up-to-date information on this crisis

1) Persecution of Baha'is in Iran (official website of the Baha'is of the United States).

2) Iran Press Watch.

To sum-up the current struggle, seven leaders of Iran’s Baha’i community are to stand trial this week in Iran’s Revolutionary Court on trumped-up charges of "espionage for Israel, insulting religious sanctities and propaganda against the Islamic Republic." This baseless allegation of espionage, a capital offense in Iran, has been categorically denied by the Baha’is of Iran as well as the International Baha’i Community.

This respected ad hoc group of individuals, named “Friends in Iran,” were entrusted with the duty of attending to the minimal needs of Iran’s largest religious minority of over 300,000 individuals. Baha’is in Iran have been forbidden by the government to elect their official administrative body that would have been in charge of the community. This ad hoc group of individuals, however, was formed with the full knowledge and approval of the government of Iran. They have been incarcerated, incommunicado, for nearly a year without any access to their defense lawyer, Mrs. Shirin Ebadi, the Nobel Laureate, who has also been denied all access to the prisoners and their files.

In its systematic scheme to annihilate Iran’s entire Baha’i community, the government has designed several strategies intended to achieve its ominous plan. Most important in its scheme has been “to cut off the heads of the Baha’is,” implying to destroy the Baha’i community’s entire leadership. This has been repeatedly pursued since the early 1980s by Iran’s revolutionary government when it executed all members of the Baha'i national governing body: the National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of Iran.

It is feared that, if remains unchecked by the free world, Iran’s government might very well repeat its horrific acts. The regional and international reaction, however, is clearly demonstrating that the world will not stand for such violations and atrocities. This reaction must maintain its momentum and must be enforceable.


  1. In 1863 the United States was faced with a similar problem for African Americans The war to see freedom for African Americans it almost destroyed the United States

    It took almost 100 years for the USA to recover

    Back in 1936 the world was faced with a similar tyrannical government in took 30 years for Europe to recover from the War...

    God help us if it takes another war for freedom to be experienced in Iran

  2. The same problem had Poland, Czech, Hungary with communists.

  3. Too bad that only few nations tend to learn from history.

  4. It took almost 100 years for the USA to recover Back in 1936 the world was faced with a similar tyrannical government in took 30 years for Europe to recover from the War...


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