Saturday, May 17, 2008

The World Condemns Iran for Arresting Baha'i Leaders

Please note that the title of this blog has been changed to: "Baha'i Faith in Egypt & Iran". The changed blog description states:
The Baha'is of Egypt and Iran have been subjected to extremes of persecution and systematic oppression. While the case of Egypt has been evolving over the past two years, with hopeful resolution of that struggle on the horizon, the human rights of the Baha'is of Iran are being increasingly violated by an extremist rule. Thus, while Egypt's case will remain to be actively pursued, from now on, there will be more emphasis in this blog on the case of the Baha'is of Iran.

As to the current crisis, a simple "google" search will yield plenty of coverage that will reflect the world's outrage at the recent developments in Iran. The whereabouts or fate of the seven leaders of the Baha'i community of Iran remains unknown. Not surprisingly, there has not been a word uttered by the government of Iran explaining its most recent malicious act.

Numerous blogs and websites, as well as world media outlets, government agencies and human rights organizations have condemned Iran's government for its crime committed against the Baha'is. While the following list is by no means near complete, it may provide a glimpse of some of the worldwide coverage and condemnation:

1) PR Web Press Release Newswire
2) Amnesty International (HTML) (PDF)
3) Payvand's Iran News
4) CNN International
5) Los Angeles Times
6) Iran Human Rights Documentation Center
7) US Department of State
8) Barnabas Quotidianus
9) Wendi's Wanders
10) Baha'is of Iran
11) Canada.Com "Times Colonist"
12) Canada News Centre
13) Mideast Youth
14) Persian Journal
15) American Jewish Community
16) Prudent Press Agency
17) Worldwide Faith News
18) Iranian.Com
19) Conger Blog
20) Edmonton Journal
21) US Commission International Religious Freedom
22) Religious Intelligence
23) International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran
24) Goliath
25) The Grieboski Report
26) Yahoo News
27) Radio Sedaye Iran
28) All the Beirut News
29) The Muslim Network for Baha'i Rights
30) National Review
31) Dhimmi Watch
32) Richard Dawkins.Net
33) AFP
34) Global Voices Online
35) Reuters
36) BBC
37) CanWest News Service
38) WestEnder (Australia)
39) BBC (Arabic)
40) Iran VNC
41) Anti-Defamation League
42) Globe and Mail
43) European Union
44) CNN (more)
45) International Herald Tribune
46) Times Online
47) Iranian.Com (more)
48) House of Lords
49) Associated Press (AP)
50) Haaretz
51) Miami Herald
52) Fox News
53) CNN (more)
54) Las Cruces Sun News
55) Salon.Com
56) Le Monde
57) The Wall Street Journal
58) The Canberra Times
59) National Post (Canada)
60) The New York Times

Updates on news coverage can be seen HERE....


  1. Thanks Bilo for letting us know how broad the coverage is on this latest act of unwarranted aggression. I'll make the change to the title of your blog as well. Nice to know we'll be getting the kind of coverage about Iran that you have so ably provided about Egypt.

  2. Phillipe,
    One can only hope that these innocent people will be soon released and allowed to live with dignity and freedom.

  3. Bilo, many thanks for this round up of coverage. I have been asked to provide links to coverage for one of our most steadfast supporters in the British parliament, so this will help me in meeting this request.

  4. Not that you need more on the list but here is another one:

  5. Tom,
    Thank you for this important link.
    I'll try to add more links as I find them.

  6. Iran Visual News Corps has also covered it with a few articles in the last few days. Here's a link to today's:

  7. Anonymous,
    Thank you for the link. I will list it.

  8. A reference to the case of the baha'is was made in Folha de S. Paulo (Brazil)


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