Sunday, May 18, 2008

We Are One!

Thanks to George Wesley Dannells who blogs "Baha'i Views" for making known this recent piece of news about Iran Visual News Corps (IranVNC), which produced a video two weeks ago about the Baha'is of Egypt and Iran.

The video begins with an interview with an Egyptian-American Baha'i (Mr. Nabil Hanna) who spoke about the reasons behind his departure from Egypt about 40 years ago. It also interviews Mr. Joe Stork, Director of the Middle East Division of Human Rights Watch, who spoke about the legal aspects and the specifics of the ID card dilemma in Egypt. This is followed by another interview with Mrs. Kit Bigelow, the director of the Office of External Affairs for the National Spiritual Assembly of the United States. Mrs. Bigelow spoke of the escalating recent waves of persecution of the Baha'is of Iran.

This video is yet another example of the link between the struggles in Iran and Egypt...a video made by an Iranian company mostly about the Baha'is of Egypt, just two weeks before the recent wave of arrests of the leaders of the Baha'i Community of Iran.

People from around the world, regardless of their national origin, their ethnicity or religious affiliation, will always stand together when faced with oppression and injustice. We can be sure of that.

Here is the video (in English), titled "Baha'is reclaim citizenship rights in Egypt" with the interviews mentioned above:

And here is another video (in Farsi) describing what IranVNC is:


  1. iranvnc today posted another story on the arrests of five more baha'is in iran


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