Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Yet Another Documentary Film on Egyptian Baha'is

Al Fanar for Media Production, an Egyptian commercial film company has just completed a full feature documentary, in Arabic, on the Baha'is of Egypt. This objective film, entitled "Baha'is and Egyptians" deals with the principles of the Baha'i Faith, its origin, its history and introduction into Egypt, as well as all the challenges it faced in that land. It also investigates and reports the recent crisis facing the Egyptian Baha'is, being deprived of government-issued ID cards, with the punitive consequences affecting their daily living. The film also covers in great detail the Baha'i teachings for humanity, its laws and its independent distinguishing features.

An obviously somber short promo for the film is posted below. It depicts the sense of suffering and oppression currently experienced by the Egyptian Baha'is. In it, one can see some Egyptian Baha'is chanting a prayer in dignity, clips of interviews with individual Baha'is, with some who support them and with some of those who oppose and insult the Baha'is of Egypt. It ends with an Egyptian Baha'i praying in the privacy of his home.

In spite of the oppression, these citizens clearly remain firm in their belief and resolute in their determination to ultimately obtain all the rights due to them, according to the guarantees of Egypt's constitution.

As soon as information on how to obtain the full feature film (DVD) become available, it will be posted here.

The Promotional segment can also be seen here....


  1. Thanks Bilo for posting this promo on the second documentary film. We applaud the film makers for their attempt to shed the light on the suffering of the dear Baha'i friends in Egypt. We look forward to seeing the whole film.
    We truly appreciate your efforts in keeping us informed with the latest news and for the upkeep of this important Blog.

  2. I'll leave that for you to do.... :-)


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