Thursday, June 28, 2007

Rising Interest in the Egyptian Baha'i Struggle

The award-winning "Global Voices Online" website has been following closely, in its recent publications, Egypt's Baha'i story.

It has been also reporting on several other pressing human rights issues in Egypt. This site is world-embracing and is hosted by several prominent media experts.

The most recent report can be seen here. Another story published by Global Voices Online regarding the banned documentary film on the Baha'is of Egypt can be seen here.

Also, the leading "Egyptian Blogs Aggregator" site now hosts a link on its Custom List section that includes several Baha'i blogs, links and official sites. This link can be seen here.

Another site named "ME Faith", which is sponsored by a diverse group of Middle East youth, has been following the Baha'i story with earnest. This group, of mostly youth of Muslim, Jewish and Christian backgrounds, promotes tolerance and acceptance. It also calls for peaceful resolution to all political, social, ethnic and religious conflicts afflicting the Middle East and holding back its progress. The site can be viewed here.


  1. It's encouraging that these sites etc are showing ever more interest in the struggle of the Baha'is in Egypt to resolve the ID card situation.

    I am impressed by the Middle East Interfaith Blogger Network and follow their blog regularly. It is good to see that young people from the Middle East are making a stand for freedom of religion and religious tolerance.

  2. Thanks, Bilo for providing such a great forum about the struggle of the Baha'is of Egypt. The growing interest of concerned people, Baha'is and others, is heartwarming and promises to swell into a massive grassroots movement that defends individual human rights against the tyranny of the unjust and guarantees the civil rights of all the world's inhabitants, including the Baha'is in Egypt!

  3. Thank you Nabil for your comment. The next post will clearly illustrate further how these forces are at work.... Stay tuned!


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