Friday, October 06, 2006

On Baha'is: Mufti Of Egypt Spreads Ignorance And Shames Islam

In Egypt's official al-Akhbar (The News) government-owned newspaper, an article was published on 4 October 2006 announcing a highly intrusive and divisive television series intended to "explain important cases" concerning Egyptian Islamic thought.

The program is called "Islam: an open book." It is being aired on el-Mehwar Egyptian channel daily at 5 PM until the end of Ramadan.

This program is intended to tell "the truth about Baha'i, and why the Mufti refuses to allow Baha'i religion on ID Cards and passports." Also it will tell the "truth" about Shi'a Islam, as well as the "truth" about everything else the Mufti tends to dislike, including "whether or not women can pray to God in the same location as men do!" This is the same Mufti who justifies wife-beating according to his own interpretation of Islam as stated by him in this other interview.

The Mufti of Egypt, Ali Goumha'a, uses television to spread hate and ignorance. He shames a respected world religion such as Islam with malicious fabrications about the Baha'i Faith as well as all religions other than the "three recognized religions in Egypt." It is painfully appalling to listen to a so called "Islamic leader" in Egypt who has the absolute authority to produce "fatwas" and official pronouncements. Incidentally, he is also the final word on death penalty cases before their execution!

Starting today, and every late afternoon until the end of Ramadan, he will spend his precious time attacking the Baha'i Faith on television as a tribute to the spirit of Ramadan, so that some fasting Muslims--who might believe his words--would be infused and force-fed with disinformation, distortions, fabrications, and hate just before breaking their fast (both spiritual & physical) as the program begins daily at 5 PM, and ends in time for the cannon-blast announcing sunset and the time to break the fast. Is this the spirit of Ramadan, so prized, and valued by many?

Shall we weep for those innocent people that are driven to such intellectual manipulation and deprivation from truth? One can only hope that these people could be inspired by Divine Power and reason to see through such murky ideology and poisonous thought.

These interviews clearly--and unfortunately--illustrate that the Mufti of Egypt has definitely plunged into the abyss of ignorance....

In the following few days, you will have the unfortunate opportunity to view these Egyptian television programs on this site.

Here is a sample for those who understand Arabic. Translations will follow....

Response in Arabic can be viewed HERE.


  1. there is an interesting story about cereal grains and the largest outbreak of human poisonings that have occured in modern times. Iaoocured in areas of the Soviet Union just before and just after WWII. Cereal gains left in the fields over the winter, because there were not enough hands to harvest them, became covered with snow and moulded from the lack of contact with the outside air. In the springtime starving individuals who had somehow survived the winter dug up these cereals in the fields in the early spring. and massive poisonings resulted. Poisoning from moulds is one of the most horrifying thing to see, smell, or hear in human suffering. Very few experiences compare with the level of pain that is caused by moulds. And the amounts are extremely tiny amounts.

    It occurs to me that the tyranny of the Egyptian government might be similar to the snow that covered these grains. And the religous community which is supposed to be the staff of life, the spiritual bread, has become poisoned. And the starving individuals are the ones who are the weakest the most spiritually sensitive (an irony) and they have become poisoned by the ecclesiastic community. The spiritual suffering will be intense. The poison is deadly and effective. Many will spiritually die before an effective preventive process can be instituted on a large enough scale to have the necessary impact on the society.

    Edo River rising

  2. What a great analogy! Thank you for your wise comment....


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