Friday, November 30, 2012

Egypt's Minister of Education will forbid schooling of Baha'i children

According to a recent article in Egypt's Al-Sabah (Morning) newspaper, the current Education Minister, Dr. Ibrahim Ghoniem, who is also a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, stated that he would not allow admission of Baha'i children into public schools.

The interview was about his vision for the future of education in Egypt, and his intentions regarding the operations of his Ministry and the administrative structure of the educational system and his relations to the various authorities and systems relating to his administration.

When he was asked "what is the position of the Ministry regarding the 'sons' of Baha'is' right to admission to the Ministry's schools?" He responded, "The law of the nation, based on the civil status laws, is that it does not recognize more than three religions, Baha'i is not one of them, therefore their sons have no right to admission to the Ministry's schools."

When reading this, one is left in a state of shock, and clearly there is so much to say and do to prevent such hideous acts from ever coming to fruition, but one's first response is to try to point out the injustice and some of the obvious and flagrant facts:

1) depriving innocent children their right to education merely because of their belief, or their parents' belief in this day in a so-called "modern country" cannot happen without major consequences.
2) only using the word "sons" and completely ignoring the "daughters!" Don't they exist? Is this the new language to be expected of this esteemed educator who is charged with the education of Egypt's next generation? Where is gender equality? Or should we assume that "daughters" are exempt from this exceptional and enlightened vision of the Minister, and they will be permitted admission to his prestigious schools?


  1. And the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development is granting Egypt a loan worth 1.25 billion euros next year... Should we grant loans to Government who don't repect human rights?
    What kind of reconstruction is this?
    What kind of Arab Spring is this?
    Egypt has a National Government or Muslim Brotherhood Government?

    1. Interestingly, these (Muslim Brotherhood) are the same people that many of whom have received their higher education in the west which, for a while, did not recognize Islam as a "heavenly" religion, but still educated them...this includes Egypt's current president who obtained his higher degree in southern California.

    2. Also see:

    3. apparently they are very crafty....
      they show one side to the International community
      yet within their hearts they are just monsters!!!!

      From the summons of the Lord of Hosts ¶ 6-7 page 143-144
      "O Chief! We revealed Ourself unto thee at one time upon Mount Tíná, and at another time upon Mount Zaytá, and yet again in this hallowed Spot. Following, however, thy corrupt inclinations, thou didst fail to respond and wert accounted with the heedless. Consider, then, and call thou to mind the time when Muhammad came with clear tokens from Him Who is the Almighty, the All-Knowing. The people were wont to pelt Him with stones from hidden places and in the markets, and they rejected the signs of God, thy Lord and the Lord of thy forefathers. The learned also denied Him, as did their followers, and likewise the kings of the earth, as thou hast heard from the tales of old. Among those kings was Chosroes, to whom Muhammad sent a blessed epistle summoning him unto God and forbidding him from misbelief. Verily, thy Lord knoweth all things. Following the promptings of his evil and corrupt desires, however, Chosroes waxed arrogant before God and tore up the Tablet. He, verily, is accounted among the inmates of the nethermost fire.
      Was it in Pharaoh’s power to stay the hand of God from exercising His sovereignty when he acted wantonly in the land and was of the transgressors? From within his own house and in spite of his will We brought forth Him Who conversed with God. Well able are We to achieve Our purpose. Recall, moreover, how Nimrod kindled the fire of impiety that its flames might consume Abraham, the Friend of God; We delivered Him, however, through the power of truth and seized Nimrod with the fury of Our wrath. Say: The Oppressor put to death the Beloved of the worlds to quench the light of God amongst the people and to debar them from the wellspring of life eternal in the days of thy Lord, the Gracious, the Most Bountiful." —Bahá'u'lláh

  2. a very DASTARDLY turn of events in Egypt!!!
    Also another report states that Slavery is legal too!!!
    Curious what the UN will do about this!!!

    1. Time for the IMF and other funding nations to re-consider where their money should go!

    2. you are 100% correct my friend !!

    3. Also on hitting children:
      Education Minister Ibrahim Ghoneim is quoted in Al-Masry al-Youm, 18/10/2012, as saying that hitting students in schools is not a problem as long as it did not cause pain, stressing that he would not allow a student to humiliate a teacher. ( The National Council for Human Right Egypt considers such statements - if correct – extremely dangerous for children's rights in Egypt.

  3. Why was such a question asked in an interview? What was behind it? Were these questions targeted?

  4. No surprise here. The Muslim Brotherhood, Hezbollah, Al-Qaida, Hamas, Lashkir-Tayiba, Taliban, Boka Haram, Basij, Salafis, and hundreds more Islamic fundamentalist groups present everywhere in the world care nothing about Human Rights or anything remotely to that. They have their own narrow minded, biggoted agenda and they will put it to force at every opportunity. It is very naive for anyone to think that these groups' mindset will change for the betterment of the world and humanity. They are hypocrites, liars, murderers, and thieves. History has proven over many many centuries how they behave and what their true nature is. God is patient, and humanity will have to witness and learn that the essence of these organizations is nothing but Evil and deal with them accordingly.
    Egypt = Iran = Afghanistan = Pakistan = Yemen = Iraq = Syria = Gaza = Libya = no respect for women, children, minorities = No Human rights.

    1. Such organizations that use religion to promote their malicious acts and cause, end up destroying the image and reputation of their own religion. Thus the impact of all such acts invalidates their raison d'être! Their innocent coreligionists are the ones that ultimately end up truly suffering and become persecuted and hated world-wide.

  5. As a member of non-mainstream religion I am afraid we're going to need to take this to the next level...

    The enemies of the faith are going to make the mistake of seeing our forbearance as a sign of weakness and we will need to really get involved with the decision makers of this planet to put laws into effect that have teeth and send the message to such people who have such satanic thoughts...
    Either protect the rights of those who are not in power or face the consequences of behaving in a such manner...
    Economic sanctions.... naval blockade... that will send the message CEASE AND DESIST or face punishment...

    Bullies only respond to physical restraint not an eloquent speech...

    I faced bullies when I was growing up...
    When I learned to defend myself through martial arts they stopped...

    I don't believe in using brute force but when you are faced with dangerous animals the only argument they understand is physical contact...

  6. I wonder if this is the next step in Egypt !!!!

    1. The "Brotherhood," if allowed, will take Egypt into a very dark tunnel!

    2. I am fearful that you are correct...

      As sad as the events that happened in Connecticut were, it is diverting the attention of the USA from this towards a mere political problem ...

  7. Terry, a bit about how news gets attention. A little bit, also, about priorities and perspective. First, your comment: "As sad as the events that happened in Connecticut were, it is diverting the attention of the USA from this towards a mere political problem ..."

    Send the denial of educational rights story, played out halfway across the world, to the editor in chief of, say the NY Times - it's not 'front page', unless it directly affects New York's educational system, or is stirring up a crisis in New York City. The editor in chief would - possibly - send a correspondent with editorial credentials, to 'take a look', for the editorial page.

    In your perspective, understandably, this is a human rights story affecting your country - possibly even your neighborhood. I empathize with the desire to see it splashed across the screens and papers in the United States - but put yourself in the shoes of that editor-in-chief. Unless it has a local, New York 'angle', it's not going to 'happen'. At best, it'd be getting 'chatter' on the internet. Which, BTW, this represents.

    OTOH, there are Baha'is all over the United States who are doing all we can to call this issue [denial of educational rights] all across the U.S. - Canada - wherever they happen to be. [I happen to be in Arkansas] We're doing the best we can with it. But, to the editor-in-chief in N.Y., it's 'small spuds'.

    Keep praying - keep publicizing - keep needling the powers that be. The Power That Is [or Who Is] is coordinating all this. Soon, it'll work itself out.

  8. Patience in trials, Friends. I have it on good contact, the E.U.F. video is soon to come online, for view and comment. "The eight day mill, it might grind slow/But it grinds fine!" - old song.


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