Monday, October 24, 2011

Journalism Students in Vietnam Study the "Open Letter to the People of Egypt"

A newsworthy example of the global interest in Middle East affairs, comes out of Vietnam. This piece of news was just shared with me by a professor of journalism and English, currently working in one of Vietnam's leading educational institutions. He indicated, in his communication, that the English-Translation-Editing class at the National Academy of Journalism & Communication in Vietnam is currently studying a document that was authored by the Baha'is of Egypt back in April 2011, titled "An open letter to the people of Egypt" and presented to their fellow citizens shortly after Egypt's revolution of 25 January 2011, published at this link. One would hope and expect that such an example of interest in this momentous document would be as highly valued and carefully studied by the people of Egypt for whom it was intended. A number of photographs of the class were provided, with the consent of the students, to be posted along with this brief story.


  1. Cool! And Bilo's posting again! Baha'is everywhere love Bilo. :-) Meanwhile things are dramatically heating up in Iran, judging by the recent Baha'i International Community's "Inciting Hatred" report.

  2. Hi Bilo. I check your blog almost daily. It is great that you are back. I am very keen on news from the situation of the Baha'is in the new Egypt. Has there been any improvements to their status since the revolution??

  3. There remain several issues to resolve. The situation is nowhere near resolution. Egypt is struggling to find its way through all the fog!

  4. Hi Bilo! Welcome back in your own blog!

    While flipping over your previous postings, I came across this one with a picture of the then minister of Interior: Egypt: Commissioner's Advisory Report Revisited - Tuesday October 17, 2006.

    ‘Sobhan-Allah!’ Habib el Adly is now in prison. It proves that nothing is permanent in life except the Face of God.


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