Friday, December 10, 2010

The Baha'is of Egypt: Entire Story Researched

If any reader or interested party wants to be fully appraised and well-informed of the whole story of the Egyptian Baha'i struggle, this is the essay to read....

Daniel Perell, then a third year law student from the University of Virginia School of Law, visited Egypt in December 2009/January 2010 as a Cowan Fellow under the auspices of Human Rights Study Project (HRSP). His area of interest was the status of the Baha'is of Egypt and their struggle to obtain their citizenship rights so that they can continue to serve their beloved homeland and contribute to its progress and prosperity.

The Human Rights Study Project met with former U.N. Secretary-General Boutros Boutros-Ghali during their trip to Egypt. Pictured from left to right are Kristen Voorhees, Jennifer Nelson, Patrick Mott, Ghali (now president of the National Council for Human Rights), Daniel Perell, Lauren Willard, Robert Sherman and Emily Higgs.

All students selected to participate in this project have been required to conduct research on their specific subject and subsequently produce a scholarly paper for possible publication. Daniel Perell's 58 page paper was submitted on 14 May 2010 under the title: The Baha'is in Egypt Fighting for Their Identity.

This paper is so well researched and so professionally written that, to date, one can hardly find any scholarly work on this specific subject that can get any close to this article's superior scientific quality and its comprehensive content. It is a must read!

As this article is no longer available online, its author will provide a hard copy to those who wish to read it. For a copy, you may contact Mr. Perell at: .

The Baha'is in Egypt
Fighting for Their Identity

Table of Contents


Part I: The Actors; Egypt and the Baha'is
Egyptian Law and Freedom of Religion
Civil Law
Islamic Law
International Law
The Baha'i Faith
The Baha'i Faith in Egypt
Part II: The Legal Disputes
'Izzat Case
Hindi Case
Part III: Observer Commentary
Egyptian Press
The NGO Community
International Community
Part IV: The Baha'i Perspective
Positive Practical Effects
Remaining Legal Questions
Family Law
Social Struggles
Part V: Expanding the Effects
Legal Authority


  1. scribd is a pain, Bilo. I hope that you can please post the article as a pdf file.

  2. I can't do that with this publications as I do not own it, but if you click on the site where the publication is, you can then download it in its entirety as a PDF or word file.

  3. has been down for most of a day, Bilo. I'm wondering if Baha'i web sites may be coming under attack.

  4. is still down, Bilo.
    Here is a free program called htttrack that can be used to download a whole web site.
    (A few free firefox plug-ins, such as downthemall are also good for doing mass downloads.)
    Maybe we should start mass downloading the Baha'i rights web sites and then zip each one into one file with 7zip (free program)
    and then upload them to filesharing web sites. That way they will continue to be available even if the original web site has been knocked out.

  5. All of the Baha'i web sites need to have a sitemap page which gives direct links to all of the web pages, pdf files etc. on that web site.
    That makes it far easier for someone to do a mass download of the web site. It also makes it easier to find all of the Google cached copies of files on that web site, if that web site has been knocked out.
    And there is a free firefox plugin called Cacheit! which helps you to navigate to cached copies of web pages.

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  8. is working now Bilo.

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