Thursday, October 01, 2009

Service Through Art

Civilization has many faces and can exert its influence through various manifestations. The struggle for one's rights can be seen as only a tiny element of that dynamic process, sharing the road towards progress.

The Baha'is of Egypt are now at a juncture where their contributions to their society far exceed their personal needs and their individual challenges. Their persistent desire is to be of service to their homeland and to their fellow citizens.

In order to reinforce such thoughts, it may be timely to project such attributes and desires through various venues and in particular through creativity. Among such examples of service, art can be one of the tools to illustrate these ideals.

In this spirit, this blog will attempt to provide a new flavor to its posts through photography, as humble as it may be, to share the beauty of the unusual and the eye-catching. Objects and scenes that pass by us--at times without being noticed--if not recorded at the moment, might not be seen again.

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