Saturday, August 15, 2009

Exposing Human Rights Violations Through Art

This is the newest artwork by Shahriar AZ, the contemporary Persian artist from New Zealand. The concept, World Art Collective, was launched by Shahriar in March 2008. The website has become the vehicle for raising awareness of human rights violations, injustices and persecution. Shahriar has always been interested in the power of technology, particularly the internet, in opening broad avenues of interaction among the world's diverse populations. He aims to engage those who have been previously unexposed to what contemporary art can achieve socially and expand beyond the confines of a traditional art gallery setting.

The artwork is from the series called the "The Truth behind the persecution." This is an interview sound artwork about Human Rights violations against the Baha'is in Iran.

Most recently, Shahriar exhibited his artwork in an international show in Poznan, Poland in March 2009. The exhibition, titled “STAND-UP Art about Human Rights,” focused on human rights through art. It reflected the growing need for acceptance of, and respect for diversity, dialogue and social engagement. The show comprised the work of eleven artists and activists from different countries, societies and cultures. More information about the STAND UP exhibition can be found here....

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