Tuesday, March 10, 2009

MidEast Youth Introduce Another Illustrative Piece of Art

Mideast Youth, an independent Muslim interfaith activist group of Middle East youth, has been very courageously defending the Baha'is of Iran and Egypt. One of their prominent dedicated sites is The Muslim Network for Baha'i Rights. As a result of their unrelenting work, they have been frequently slandered and have even received all sorts of threats from individuals as well as extremist groups. In spite of these challenges, they, admirably, continue to press on with their message of acceptance, peace and tolerance.

None of their work is ever done for personal gain or for "glory." It is simply done out of their conviction that all humans deserve equal rights. Their work and publications are yet another example of how useful blogs and internet websites can be: that is to serve a cause, and not merely an expression of useless or wasteful discourse.

Among their numerous innovations, in using the arts to make a point, has been their introduction of comics to illustrate the current events and developments affecting the oppressed Baha'is in Iran and Egypt. Several of these comics have been published at their sites as well as other blogs and websites.

In a recent post, the following statement was made by the group as an introduction to a relevant comic:

Recently, it came to our attention that Iranian media has been making claims that the arrested Baha’i leaders had “sophisticated communications devices” in their possession. Given the authority’s track record, we can only imagine what the real-case scenario was:

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  1. well gosh do you suppose that Steve Jobs is secretly a Bahai???

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