Monday, November 19, 2007

Egypt: "Identity Crisis" Entire Film Now Available!

The documentary film produced by the independent filmmaker, Mr. Ahmed Ezzat, has been just made public for free viewing in its entirety on an internet site. The 34-minutes film, "Identity Crisis: My Religion or My Country," documents in vivid details the struggle of the Egyptian Baha'is in search for their basic civil rights in their homeland. Mr. Ahmed Ezzat is not a Baha'i. He is an Egyptian human rights activist who has graciously provided this film for public viewing at his own expense and on his own precious time.

To view the entire film, please CLICK HERE....
(This version does not include subtitles)

Previously published promotional segment on YouTube

P.S. When linking to the website, under the film's image--written in Arabic--are three choices for downloading: high speed (top one), medium speed (middle one) or low speed (bottom one) copies of the film.


  1. My Arabic's a little rusty. Any idea when subtitles will be added to this film?

  2. Thank you so much dear Bilo for providing this very moving movie for us to see and may God bless and protect and make victorious our Baha'i brothers and sisters in Egypt.


  3. The film is very well done and clearly shows the injustice perpetrated by the government as a result of its attempt to appease fundamentalists who have hijacked Islam to equate hatred and intolerance. The strength of this film is that it is produced by Muslims who are outraged by the treatment of their fellow citizens at the hands of their own government for no other reason than their religious beliefs. In producing this film they have shown that to be Muslim is to be human and to be concerned with your fellow human beings when they need help and support.

    May the Baha'is in Egypt persevere all these injustices, and may their unjust treatment come to an end. Will the Egyptian government put an end to violating their human rights, the Constitution, and the UN Declaration on Human Rights to which Egypt was a signatory?

    My thanks go to the producer and all the interviewees who have sided with justice which cannot be easy or without risk! Thanks! Also thanks to Bilo for making this film available to many readers of his excellent blog!

  4. It appears to be no longer posted. Perhaps update and or rescue from obscurity?

  5. I even checked and he blocked them from copying it, understandably, but now it seems to be lost.

  6. I found it here:

  7. I found it here:


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