Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Egypt: ID Cards Vs. Ancient Civilization!

This video clip, entitled "Egypt Tourism Ad" was just published by the Muslim Network for Baha'i Rights on YouTube. It depicts the dilemma of certain citizens of Egypt, such as Baha'is, who are denied their ID cards because of their religious affiliation. Egypt will only allow the entry of one of three religions on the mandated computerized ID card forms, namely: Muslim, Christian or Jewish. If anyone belongs to any other Faith than these three, then the person is denied the ID card. The application form also clearly states that the entry of any false statements will lead to imprisonment and heavy fines. A citizen of Egypt without ID card is considered non-existent and cannot have any rights in his or her own country. All essential services in Egypt mandates the use of ID cards. The lack of such documents in Egypt amounts to Civil Death.

Also see Egyptian identification card controversy at Wikipedia.

The Muslim Network for Baha'i Rights describes itself as follows:

The Muslim network for Baha’i rights is developed by a group of Muslim interfaith activists who believe in tolerance, coexistence and freedom. We created this site to promote human rights, religious freedom and respect within the Arab and Muslim world. We strongly believe that such values should apply it to all people equally regardless of their faith, cultural differences, political stance or nationality. We are making this effort not only as believers of freedom, but also for the sake of a better and more productive society.

In this network, there are a few things that readers should keep in mind:
. The authors are Muslim interfaith activists who are deeply concerned with the treatment of Baha’is within the Middle East.
. We don’t believe in the Baha’i faith, yet we respect those who do. There are minorities within our societies who are practicing Baha’is and for that, their rights are very rarely recognized, simply because of their religious differences. We do not approve of this.
. We created this site to demand that the rights of Baha’i minorities is recognized by not only people, but by law.
. We respectfully demand that all governments within the Arab and Muslim world allow Baha’i citizens to have equal opportunities in all fields and to practice their faith freely without facing any threats or discrimination whatsoever.
. We would like to make the general public of the region be aware of Baha’i human rights abuses in order to take effective action against it. We can only successfully achieve the goals of this website if we move our citizens towards real action, no matter what our religious differences are.
. We are all civilians in need of basic rights, and thus we should join forces regardless of our differences and unite in a celebration of our diversity. Join us in this worthy struggle and make our goals a greater possibility in the name of freedom.


  1. I don't beleive in Bahaayn
    but i beleive you are free to do what u want to do
    I am with u

  2. Thank you for your frankness and honesty. As you clearly express, human rights should always be independent of one's belief.

  3. well gosh that's all we want...

    you do not need to join our religion just allow us to live in peace

    we dont want anyone to micromanage our brains thank you

  4. Anonymous-2,
    Anonymous-1 means well. He/she is being frank, well-intentioned and honest in expressing his/her opinion, which we must respect. Additionally he/she supports the rights of the Baha'is. People should be appreciative of his/her stance and should recognize his/her sincerity.

  5. In Portugal we saw that video on a christian blog, denouncing that situation.
    Of course, Marco was there.

  6. There are a number of people of Muslim and Christian faiths who support human rights for the Baha’is of Egypt, despite the (separate) religious issues. It is difficult to establish the numbers of those who support this just and unbiased view, however, it is to be noted that individual Baha’is have seen such support from family friends and colleagues at work. Whatever disagreements there are have so far been voiced by government bodies, religious institutions, and the more radical elements who do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the majority. Egyptians by nature are a kind and patient people, and are themselves trying to survive under conditions that they know are in great need of improvement. Thank you to all who are truthful and courageous in voicing their support.

  7. r.a.,
    Fortunately for the world there are more good people out there than not.

  8. I agree! The majority of Egyptians are peaceful and loving people, searching for their very survival but torn by failing ideologies. The Baha'is worldwide wish the Egyptian people nothing but the best in their material and spiritual quests. It is government policy and a minority of Muslims who are pushing the discrimination agenda and in the process are tarnishing the names of Egypt and of Islam.

    Baha'is obey and love God, and accept Islam among other religions as a true religion of God.

    The causes of the current denial of human rights of Egyptian Baha'is relate to dogma and ideology. Placing dogma and ideology above authentic human relationships and respect for human rights simply boils down to idolatry, which is forbidden in all divine religions!

    Mena's comment is a wonderful expression of placing authentic human relationships above dogma and ideology. Such comments reflect the respect all divine religions uphold for the sanctity of human life and freedom of belief.

  9. i want to thank our dear friends did this film .it is so nice & brief & on target & i added it to my blog

  10. Please see these posts on Global Voices On Line: in English and in Arabic.

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