Sunday, July 08, 2007

Defense of Baha'is: New Site Up, Running & Active

The authors of the new site named "The Muslim Network for Baha'i Rights" have fixed the technical error with Internet Explorer (IE), which was encountered when clicking on any one of its links or comments tabs that caused the link to hang and not to respond. Partly because of that issue, apparently many readers were unable to make comments on the posts so they resorted to make comments on the parent site "MIDEAST YOUTH" instead, which thus far has 62 comments on the post announcing the initiation of the new site. In order to read these comments, which are quite interesting, you may click here.

Furthermore, in order to know more about the authors, the background and the motives behind this new site, you may want to read the FAQ section at this link.

In it, they write: "This network is composed of Arab and Iranian Muslim students and interfaith activists who do not approve of Baha’i human rights abuses within the Arab and Muslim world. We took it upon ourselves to do something about it, and we accept the risks and responsibilities behind setting up such a network to help and support our Baha’i brethren."

With the technical error now fixed, accessing the comment page is quite smooth, regardless of the type of browser one uses. The authors of the site are to be thanked for their efforts in maintaining and upgrading their site, which is now drawing heavy readership that includes strong support as well as some attacks and opposition from Islamist extremists. Their work demonstrates their unrelenting dedication to righteousness and justice, and it confirms their tenacity and courage in carrying out what they believe to be the right path.


  1. The authors of Muslim Youth for Baha'i Rights website have provided a wonderful opportunity for a healthy exchange. Many Baha’i respondents, like me, are understandably elated about: a) a forum that is focused on defending Baha’i rights, b) the forum is authored by Muslim youth - which I believe is the first such website, and c) the forum balances the one-sided attacks and misrepresentation of the Baha’i Faith in much of the press in the Middle East, partuclarly in Iran (the center of Shiite Islam), and Egypt (the center of Sunni Islam).

    Many comments on that website from those who are not Baha’i appear to fall in one of three categories:
    a) Comments from respondents who are pleased with your initiative as they see it bringing the true spirit of Islam of compassion and understanding and of respect of “no compulsion in religion”. b) Comments from respondents who have divided the world and humans into Muslim and anti-Muslim. and c) Comments from respondents who would like to add to the daily attacks against the Baha’is in Middle Eastern countries by promoting conspiracy theories or focus on the theological issues to prove the falsity of the Baha’i Faith. I will address these in reverse order.

    The website clearly states that the authors are Muslim youth who do not believe in the Baha’i Faith. Many Baha’is have accepted torture and even execution instead of denying their Faith, so readers of that blog have to accept without question the description the authors of the website have provided of themselves. The objective of the website is clear - it is not to convince anyone of the correctness of the Baha’i Faith. Theological arguments for or against the Baha’i Faith are interesting but are not the issue. The issue is to protect the rights of all, including Baha’is, to worship freely without losing their civil rights as citizens in the countries of their birth.

    Those who have divided their world into Muslim and anti-Muslim miss a fundamental point. The Holy Writings of all major religions challenge every human being to follow the Golden rule - to do unto others as you wish them do unto you. The fact that there are many ills and many injustices in the world today is acknowledged by Baha’u'llah as He prescribes unity as the road to peace; “The well-being of mankind, its peace and security, are unattainable unless and until its unity is firmly established”. Baha’u'llah calls humanity to recognize the Oneness of the Creator, the Oneness of His Religion, and the Oneness of Humanity. This means the necessity to eliminate all forms of racial, religious, social, ethnic, or other prejudice, which eats into the vitals of humankind. History is our witness; there is no denial of wrongs done by individuals, groups, or governments - and unfortunately often times these wrongs were (and are) perpetrated in the name of noble causes including religion. “The purpose of religion,” Baha’u'llah affirms “…is to establish unity and concord amongst the peoples of the world; make it not the cause of dissension and strife”. It must be noted that Baha’is are forbidden from engaging in any partisan politics and are involved only in the politics of unity - that means to enhance understanding and to eliminate barriers between people. Baha’is obey their own governments but at the same time assert their legitimate rights of existence and citizenship. If their very presence is denied by a particular government how are they to survive let alone worship?

    The courageous initiative the authors of Muslim Youth for Baha'i Rights have undertaken is laudable and historical! It is a move that shows the world the true nature and teachings of Islam of love, compassion, and understanding. It dispels the erroneous impression that a few have unfortunately created and promoted of this great and compassionate religion. Baha’is in western countries often find themselves defending Islam for what it truly is. Baha’is support everyone to adhere to their own pure religious and spiritual teachings, not the dogmas that have for so long divided our world into warring religious factions when God, the source of all religions, is ONE. The fundamental truth of all major religions is ONE. In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Most Merciful, let us all treasure our own religions for their substance of pure teachings, not only for the dogmas that developed over time to divide and exclude others. God, the All Merciful, is the only judge of us, of our beliefs, of our deeds, and of our intentions. Baha’is pray continuously to lessen the suffering of all those who are suffering injustices including the Baha’is who in several countries, including Iran and Egypt, are deprived of their civil rights and denied their very existence.

    Youth can move the world - and they do!

  2. Dear Nabil,
    Thank you for this outstanding analysis.


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