Saturday, April 07, 2007

Egyptian Media Picks Up on German Defense of Baha'is

Egyptian newspaper Al-Masry Al-Youm continues its close watch of the world's interest in the Baha'i crisis in Egypt.

Following its last article of April 2nd, reported on in this post, the paper just picked up another story regarding the recent German Parliamentarian attention to the struggle of the Baha'is of Egypt which was also reported on in this subsequent post.

The article published on 6 April, written by Muhammad Abd-El-Khaleq Mussahel, is entitled "German Government Parliamentarian Questioning on 'Persecution of Baha'is' in Egypt."

This article is quite objective and factual. It introduces the recent interest of the German Parliament (Deutcher Bundestag) in the case and translates into Arabic--point by point--the entirety of the document presented to the Bundestag, which was authored by several members of the German Parliament. The English translation of the document can be seen in this previous post.

This careful attention by a prominent Egyptian newspaper to a critical case involving an oppressed group of Egyptian citizens illustrates a new wave of journalistic integrity and independence which is heartwarming. It shows that, despite all the negativity expressed by some of the Egyptian media outlets, several others continue to uphold their ethical and professional high standards of objective and balanced reporting.


  1. this behavior is quite interesting

    I've observed similar behavior with criminals who purchase Police scanners to see wether his activities are being monitered by the local the "heat" is intensifing to the criminal behavior of the Egyptian Government they are beginning to "sweat" [become worried] ...

    Now the "Civilized world" needs to increase this pressure to force some change in Egyptian "Government policy"...

  2. Regardless of this, it is very important to point out and acknowledge the fact that this newspaper is doing a great job in its reporting--being objective, unbiased and honest. This speaks for its journalistic integrity and sincerity. One cannot and should not ignore that!

  3. Way to go again, Al-Masri Al-Yom for its honest and fair reporting. It is so wonderful to see this example of fair-mindedness in the Egyptian media! Nobody should be afraid of the truth,and this careful reporting is a challenge to the rest of the Egyptian media to live up to this standard of professional reporting!

    One should ask, though, why is it that the German Parliament would be interested in the well-being of Egyptian Baha'is but the Egyptian Parliament commissions their persecution or at best is complicit. Surely the standard of the Faith of Islam are higher than the practices of those in power in Egypt!

  4. Nabil
    Perhaps, as an explanation to your question, it is because Egypt has not experienced yet what Germany had to endure in its bitter past!

  5. agreed ...that should worry both Iran and Egypt[and the rest of the world] because this religious bigotry/fanaticism which Both Iran and Egypt is practicing could lead to a conflagration which would cripple the economies of all the nations on this planet!! The "lesser Peace" that Bahá'u'lláh has envisioned must take place ASAP[as soon as possible]or else WWII will seem like a "walk in the park" on Sunday Morning

  6. Persecuting the Baha'is appear to be the only policy both Iran and Egypt tend to agree on...they even use the same strategy!


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