Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Egypt: TV Program On Religion & ID Cards (Part-3)

The program that was aired on Dream Channel-2 regarding the matter of religious classification on Egyptian ID Cards continues in today's post. After having shown 15 interviews on the program, the broadcaster begins her discussion with three prominent invited guests after talking with telephone callers.

Here is the translated transcript.

Broadcaster: the last part of this report raises the question, or adds another question, did the idea of removing the religious classification result from the desires of some groups like the Baha’i group, for example, who appeared at the end of the interviews? Are there some religions or belief systems trying to declare their religious identity, but the law and society refuse that? As a result, do we cancel the religious classification altogether due to the pressure or demands of such groups? I believe this a logical question that I will add to the list of questions directed to our distinguished guests.

Firstly, Dr. Mona Zulfuqar, the prominent lawyer and head of the Complaints Committee at the National Council for Human Rights. Welcome Dr. Mona!

From the point of view of perhaps the security dimension or the possible legal dimension, General Farouq Al-Maqrahi, the former Minister of Interior. Welcome Sir!

General Farouq: a very welcome to you....

And finally Ustadh [Professor] Hamdi Abdul-Aziz Head of Research for Sawaseya [Equality] Center for Human Rights; Welcome Sir!

Broadcaster speaking to a caller:

Ustadha Olaa, Welcome!

Ustadha [Professor] ‘Olaa: hello, You are welcome. Firstly I support the removal of that section [religion from ID Cards], because I see this as a very private matter for the human being. However, if they have to keep it, I have one question. I am a Muslim and what I know is that my religion abhors lying. So, how could we as a Muslim nation force Baha’is to lie? We are forcing them into this! They have the right to have a different religion. They can write Baha'i, or they can write anything else, it is their right. However, I see that it would be shameful for us as Muslims to force people to write Muslim or Christian while they are not....

Broadcaster: no, let me please clarify more, Ustadha ‘Ola. Are you in favor of removing the space for religion or should it remain but, everyone writes....

Ustadha ‘Olaa: I am 100% in favor of removing it, but I was saying, in case it stayed….

Broadcaster: yes, yes, yes...I thank you, Ustadha ‘Olaa.

To be continued....

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