Friday, February 11, 2011

A New Egypt is Born!

On this new day of freedom in Egypt, the shackles of inequality, injustice, corruption and repression have been removed. It is now time for peaceful transition to a society that guarantees civil and human rights and equal opportunity to all citizens regardless of their background, gender, color, race, belief, religion or any other difference in its diverse communities.

It is time to feed the hungry, house the homeless, elevate the standard of living for the poor, clean up the neighborhoods, educate the children and provide work for the unemployed. It is time to eliminate corruption, improve health care for the poor and needy, bolster the infrastructure, and raise the standard of public education for all. It is time to integrate every Egyptian into the society without leaving anyone behind. This transformation must be now realized in swift and systematic action and not merely in words and slogans. This is the will of the people.

Egypt Freedom Song: the Voice of Freedom

Volunteers cleaning up Tahrir Square


  1. حماها الله وشعبها الكرام

  2. Translation of the above comment: "God protect her and protect her decent people"

  3. Bilo, how can one express in words the pure joy of this moment? May God protect Egypt and all of her people so that her highest hopes and her highest cultural, political and spiritual goals may be achieved.

  4. With rather certain hesitation, I consider it far too early to judge the whole episode.
    The devil will always be in details.
    The power has been transfered from one 82-year-old "Mummy" - Muhammad Hosni Mubarak, to another 75-year-old "Mummy" - Field Marshal Tantawi.
    They are quit aware of sweetness of power, with all economical advantage of it.
    The fact of the matter can be defined as, the era of General Nasser, 1952 overthrown of monarchy, finally came to end, almost 60 years of self destruction.

  5. Today, volunteers were cleaning up Cairo and sweeping the streets. Among them were Baha'is. This happens because people feel ownership of their country again.

    Regarding succession, today's Communique #4 clearly announced that the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces is only there to assure transition of power to a civilian government. I am very optimistic. What happened in Egypt is unprecedented in the world's history, and the Egyptian people made it very clear that they will not submit to authoritarianism again.

  6. Communique No. 4 from Egypt's Supreme Council of the Armed Forces:

    This is the text of the fourth communique issued by the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces of Egypt. it was issued Saturday.

    Statement of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces


    12 February 2011

    In the name of God the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful,

    The fourth statement of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces,

    In light of the conditions that exist in the country, and the difficult times that have placed Egypt at a juncture that demands of us all to defend the stability of the nation, and the achievements of the people; And due to the fact that the current phase requires a reordering of the priorities of the state with the objective of meeting the legitimate demands of the people, and of delivering the nation from the current situation; And as the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces is aware that the rule of law is not only necessary for the freedom of the individual, but rather it is the only legitimate basis for authority; And with determination, clarity, and faith in all our national, regional and international responsibilities, and with recognition of God’s rights and in the name of God, and with His support, the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces announces the following:

    First: The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces is committed to all matters included in its previous statements.

    Second: The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces is confident in the ability of Egypt’s people and institutions to get through this critical situation, and to that end, all agencies of the state, and the private sector must play their noble and patriotic role to drive the economy forward, and the people must fulfill their responsibility towards that goal.

    Third: The current government, and governors shall continue as a caretaker administration until a new government is formed.

    Fourth: The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces aspires to guaranteeing a peaceful transition of authority within a free and democratic system that allows for the assumption of authority by a civilian and elected authority to govern the country and the build of a democratic and free state.

    Fifth: The Arab Republic of Egypt is committed to all regional and international obligations and treaties.

    Sixth: The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces calls on the great people to cooperate with their siblings and children in the civilian police forces, for affection and cooperation must exist between everyone, and it calls on the civilian police forces must be committed to their slogan “the police serve the people”.

    God is the source of success.

    Read more:

  7. Like any birth, there is pain and suffering; this is not new, even to the Baha'i community. And the child must grow - in this case, quickly. Simultaneously, we must beware lest expectations outstrip reality; a lesson harshly learned, freedom may or may not be handed out with school lunches. Time will really tell - once the euphoria wears down, the true results will show. Egypt is alive, and that is the potent truth of the moment! She's breathing - let's not expect too much - let's give what we can - let's attend her rebirth. Cautious optimism ...

  8. My heart is with you... You are an example for all of us.. the joy of standing together peacefully with heart full of hope for a new future.. You have made me want to be a better person... All people are with you.. A friend.. from San Diego, California

  9. From Spain, congratulations for all Egyptians.
    "The betterment of the world can be accomplished through pure and goodly deeds, through commendable and seemly conduct." "Be fair to yourselves and to others"

  10. Text of Communique No. 5 issued by Egypt's Supreme Council of Armed Forces:

    This is the text of the statement Egypt's Supreme Council of the Armed Forces issued Sunday. It was translated from the Arabic by McClatchy special correspondent Miret El Naggar.

    The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces is aware that the challenge confronting our precious nation is to achieve progress, by unleashing all the creative energy in our great people. That will come through creating an atmosphere of freedom and democracy, through constitutional and legislative amendments that achieve the people's legitimate demands which they have declared these past days.

    The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces strongly believes that freedom and the rule of law, supporting values of equality, democracy. social justice and uprooting corruption are the basis of any ruling system in the world.

    In its 5th communique the supreme military council has decided on the following:

    1.) suspending the constitution

    2.) running the country's affairs for six months or until parliamentary and presidential elections are held

    3.) the head of the supreme council will represent the council locally and abroad

    4.) dissolution of both houses of parliament, the upper Shura Council and the People's Assembly

    5.) the supreme council can issue decrees of laws during the transitional phase.

    6.) the formation of a committee to amend clauses of the constitution and setting regulations to present them to the people in a referendum

    7.) tasking the cabinet headed by Ahmed Shafiq to continue its work until a new cabinet is formed

    8.) holding parliamentary and presidential elections

    9.) the state commits to international treaties of which it is a signatory.

    Read more:

  11. Please see this very important statement by the Forum of Independent Human Rights Organizations

  12. The United States had to go through a SERIES OF REVOLUTIONS before ALL AMERICANS were guaranteed freedoms Protected by the RULE OF LAW...

    I Pray that Egypt will soon enjoy freedom...

    I also PRAY FOR IRAN so ALL IRANIANS will enjoy freedom too!!!!

  13. The wave of protests have spread to Iran and Bahrian, also.

    1 dead in Iranian protests:

    Arab crisis: Now it's Bahrain's turn as protesters pour on to the streets demanding political reform and greater freedoms

  14. Now the protests have spread to Libya:

  15. After more than 30 Years: Freedom for Egypt is realize !

    Today it is not neccessary to make the same mistakes the western democratic system had made before. I wish that the people of Egypt get the power to create a better system with harmony and freedom. By changig the state system have an example on Soutu-Africa and the way they have gone with Nelson Mandela.

    Let us pray that the rest of the Arabic Nations include the Iran will becomme free too.

    Thomas Logemann, Berlin, Germany


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