Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Iran/Egypt: Same Rhetoric Against Baha'is

This is a recording of the ABC television program 20/20 aired approximately in 1983 on the persecution of Iranian Baha'is.

As of today, the Baha'is of Iran continue to be systematically persecuted and harassed. There is also a frightening resemblance between the rhetoric that has been used in Iran and that which is used now in Egypt.

This film contains shocking and disturbing accounts and images.

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15 min 45 sec - Feb 23, 2007
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Description: ABC's 20/20 TV show - persecution of Iranian Baha'is - originally aired about 1980 [sic]. When Khomeini returned to Iran from exile in France he stated that he had two objectives. 1- the elimination of the Shah and 2- the elimination of the Baha'is. This TV report details some of the shocking details of the implementation of the plan to destroy the Baha'i Community of Iran. Amnesty International, in the early 1980s, listed the persecution of the Baha'is by the government of Iran as the most serious human rights violation on earth. The persecutions continue today.


  1. I remember the report aired at the same time I was at a Bahai Youth Conference in Pensacola Florida in 1984....I was with an Iranian Family who lost an Uncle who was an ER Physician in Hamadan Iran

    the world has deterioated greatly in the 22+ years that has elapsed since then

  2. While living in Canada at that time, I remember helping to settle a number of Baha'i refugees from Iran who were stranded in other countries because of the invalidation of their passports. How severe was the pain they went through trying to settle in their new environment while at the same time they were unable to visit, see or help their relatives in Iran who were under constant threat of being imprisoned, harmed or killed.

    This fanaticism and these persecutions hurt Islam more than they hurt the Baha'i Faith. Ironically, the Baha'is defend Islam everywhere as they would defend other major religions of the world since they believe that the source of all divine inspiration is one.

    Let us be sure that all people know about the plight of Baha'is in Iran and in Egypt. I urge the readers to remind others of these atrocities and to demand that there would be no more heinous crimes perpetrated in the name of Islam.

    Thank you, Bilo, for reminding us of the recent past and the atrocities that were committed against the Baha'is in the name of Islam.

    Can Barbara Walters or 20/20 do a follow up to this story?


  3. And now they are denying ever arresting or killing any Baha'is, just as they denied that the holocaust ever existed!

  4. Courageous people admit their errors. Denial shows neither nobility nor courage.

  5. Many institutions limit access to their online information. Making this information available will be an asset to all.


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