Monday, February 12, 2007

Egypt: Cabinet Minister on the Tail of Chief Justice

After one of Egypt's cabinet ministers attacked the Egyptian Baha'is during a parliamentary session, documented in Nahdet Masr newspaper on 11 February 2007, an Egyptian Baha'i couple wrote a letter of protest to President Hosni Mubarak asking for justice and protection.

Mahmoud Hamdy Zaqzouk, Minister of Awqaf [Religious Endowment] has not only repeated the same falsehood and misrepresentations that were propagated by the Supreme Administrative Court's Chief Justice Nofal just a day earlier, but he leaped further affirming the Ministry's previous calls to annihilate the Baha'is by making the following inflammatory statement:

"al-Azhar urges those in authority to stand firm against this wrongful congregation which is against the Faith of God and the public order of this society. The judgement of God must be executed against it, the law it deserves must be enforced and must be interred with the dust [dirt] heaped over it together with its teachings. This is protection for all citizens from its apostasy, and its beliefs that are deviant from God's straight path. Those who have committed crimes against the truth [rights] of Islam and their nation, must disappear from life so they will not dare estrange themselves from Islam."

He even urged the religious, executive and judicial authorities to expedite such actions against the Baha'is.

An Arabic language blog entitled "Egyptian Baha'i" has eloquently responded to and refuted Zaqzouk's statements. This post can be seen at this link.

Today, an Egyptian Baha'i couple faxed a letter to Egypt's president Mr. Hosni Mubarak urging him, as the father of the nation, to look after his loyal and law-abiding citizens and to protect them from such malicious attacks, rumors and unjustified atrocities.


  1. this is way beyond the pale....

    while he is at it why doesn't he propose bringing back throwing Christians to the lions....

    Certainly people who are fair minded will see the type of psychopath who is heading certain branches of the Egyptian government

  2. Point #1
    Actually the more they do this, the more curious people become and start searching for themselves. Most educated Egyptians know what to believe and from whom. I was reading the comments on one of the last posts on "Egyptian Baha'i.' The commentator said that he went to read a great number of Baha'i writings out of curiosity [since he heard so much negative publicity] and did not find anything that he could disagree with!

    Point #2
    They must be very insecure to feel that Islam is so dangerously threatened by this religious minority in Egypt. This is VERY TELLING! I will leave it to your imagination....

  3. Oddly, he is also now linking "Zionists, Masons and Baha’is" as co-conspirators! He got an amazing gift of imagination.

  4. This Minister is calling for "the end justifies the means". The end he is asking for is a single faith, probably a single sect country that does not tolerate differences and calls for the annihilation of those who believe differently. The means are instigating the public and the three branches of government to commit crimes against humanity! This a different Egypt from the one I am familiar with! It is Egypt on a downslope to becoming a totalitarian Taliban-like state that is forcing people to mold into one narrow view: "if you are not like me you don't deserve to breathe!" Is this how this Minister would like to see Muslims treated in non-Muslim countries? God forbid! I hope no other nation would stoop to this level of intolerance based on fabricated lies, conspiracy theories, false accusations, and closed mindedness. It is truly sad to see this great country, Egypt, allowing such bigots not only to have a voice but also to rule!

  5. In a previous comment I to a page that listed some historical facts about people who opposed the new Faith in the early years of The Bab and His religion. Here is to more historical facts a few years later, including facts about other leaders and heads of state. The Arabic versions can be seen here and here.


  6. Sorry I pushed the publish button before I put the links. Here is the comment again:

    In a previous comment I linked to a page that listed some historical facts about people who opposed the new Faith in the early years of The Bab and His religion. Here is another link to more historical facts a few years later, including facts about other leaders and heads of state. The Arabic versions can be seen here and here.


  7. While there is some hesitation when it comes to responding to expressions of ill-defined, unintelligent and emotionally charged rhetoric, out of respect for the office that Prof. Mahmoud Hamdy Zaqzouk (Minister of Religious Endowment) occupies, his statements are addressed:

    “public order of society” :

    this is perhaps the most common statement heard from government authorities on the occasion of being rejected for civil status applications. The definition is obvious, but its relevance to the Baha’i community is completely misplaced. If the intent is to imply political disruption, Baha’is are not permitted to be involved in politics, and are obligated to be faithful to their government. If it is to suggest some form of criminal involvement, well, to what religious affiliation does the majority of Egyptian prison inmates belong to? Are those who have disrupted the “public order of society” stripped of their civil rights and have their documents and those of their innocent children confiscated? If there are any other implications, let them be specific and substantiated by proof. A call for mass execution in this day and age would demand some manner of evidence Mr.Zaqzouk.

    “against the Faith of God”, “judgment of God”:

    The “Faith of God”, is actually not one faith but many, of which Islam occupies approx. 21% of the total global population. The remaining of the “three heavenly religions” that are accepted by Islam and the Egyptian government; Christianity occupies 33%, and Judaism 0.22%. If the Minister, or any other enlightened persons or Islamic institutions consider themselves the delegates of God by which to enforce His “judgement”, then perhaps they can enlighten the remaining 45% of the “non-heavenly” population, in addition to the 33.22% who do not believe in Islam. Perhaps this would assist in the “public order of humanity”.

    “must disappear from life so they will not dare estrange themselves from Islam”:

    If one disappears from life, can one “not dare to estrange themselves” from anything? The term “not dare” implies stepping back and not going through with a desired action. If one is dead, one is dead Mr.Minister. If this is some vague reference to killing a number of people so that others will not dare to “estrange themselves from Islam”, then all that can be said is that it has been tried before and has had the opposite effect. Baha’is come from all religious and cultural backgrounds, not just Islam, and without exception, acknowledge His Holiness Muhammad as one of the Messengers of God in a continuing cycle of progressive revelation.

    “Egypt has protected Islam”:

    To any intelligent and faithful person, and especially for a Muslim, this statement, to use the Minister’s terminology, is blasphemous and deviant. Islam is divine, Egypt is not. Islam has protected Egypt, and many other countries, and there is no protection except from God. Mr.Zaqzouk and Chief Justice Nofal, it is by your own doing that you have fallen from under the protection of Islam, and it is a far greater crime to instigate others to follow in your steps.

  8. I Definitely Agree you imagine that these Egyptian officials are replaying
    History from 4000 years ago when Moses went to the Pharaoh and demanded justice
    For the Jewish slaves.Therefore if there is any link to the Jews that could be it...However
    There is a distinct DIFFERENCE between being Jewish and Being a Zionist...For example in the United States if you're a Christian then you must be a member of the Republican political party yet I know for a fact that is not true.

    Now if I smoked 2 bowls of Hashish and Opium after drinking 1 liter of alcohol
    I too could come up with his similar thoughts....but of course
    Bahá'u'lláh forbids us from doing such damage to our minds and bodies

    For a very good reason too I might add...

    Signed another concerned observer

  9. The whole world is getting curious about the Baha'is and their situation in Egypt.
    Europa Press news agency has just published this article in Spanish: La comunidad baha'i denuncia que el Supremo egipcio ha negado el DNI a dos de sus adeptos

  10. Egyptians are fortunate to have the support of the rest of the world. Atrocities cannot be hidden any longer and it is the duty of every upright human being to make sure of that.

  11. We usually can judge the worth of one person by his or her words and by his or her actions, not by what someone else is saying about them, unless they have a solid proof. If I read Chief Justice El-Saied Nofal and Mr. Mahmoud Hamdy Zaqzouk’s words, all I can deduce is what kind of persons THEY both are. I can say: these two individuals are volunteering to tell me that they are intolerant and aggressive, so when they say “the Baha’i belief is a heresy” and “Baha’is are against the Faith of God and the public order of this society” it is not only simple hear-say but it comes from people who have already cast a shadow on their own moral worth--by their own words.

  12. dearMuhannad
    please can u send me the web site u found the original dawn breaker arabic version translated by Hand cause of God Abd Al Galil Saad

  13. Thank you all for your valuable contributions and for your thoughtfulness.

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    Again, my sincere gratitude to all the contributors...and please continue to provide your valuable insight.

  14. Dear Smile Rose:

    Here is the URL you asked about:


  15. This verse of the Quran applies to the Minister of Religious Affairs in which muslim believers have to act when they hear a story or news.

    Al-Hujurat (The Dwellings) 49:6

    ياأيهاالذينَ آمنواإن جاءكمْ فاسق
    بنبأٍفتبينواأن تصيبواقومابجهالة
    فتصبحواعلىمافعلتمْ نادمينَ

    In english the meaning is:
    "If any bad man comes unto you
    with news, clear up the matter
    at once, lest through ignorance
    ye harm others, and be speedily constrained to repent of what ye have done."
    Qur'an 49:6


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