Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Egypt: Mounting Public Support for the Baha'is

Prominent Egyptian bloggers are mounting their support of the Baha'is with great intensity, and are inviting their readers to pay close attention to the Baha'i case and to attend the upcoming Supreme Court session scheduled for this Saturday, 16 December 2006.

Here are three of the posts which were just published on these very popular and credible blogs. Please be sure to click on each of the images in order to connect to the blogs' sites.

These three incredibly well thought of bloggers have been among the early few bloggers in Egypt that ultimately contributed to the growth of that phenomenon in that land, amounting now to thousands of very active weblogs.

This is definitely a sign of things to come in Egypt as the new generation is finding an avenue to express its opinions freely and with eloquence. The emergence of blogging in Egypt has produced unimaginable effects on the society at large, exposing injustices and promoting a balanced and free society that will influence the direction of the country's future.

Egypt must be proud of its new generation that exudes with courage and great wisdom....

Another blog, authored by Nesreen, entitled "From a Different Angle," published a post on 13 December reviewing and analysing all the independent Egyptian blogs. It also links to six of these blogs that have been discussing the Baha'i case in their posts.

It is definitely of great importance that these blogs are published in Arabic (with rare comments in English), which enhances their widespread readability in the Arabic-speaking countries. As far as one can tell, the authors of these blogs are of Muslim background and belief.

How encouraging indeed to witness that many Muslims in Egypt and the rest of the Middle East reflect the true spirit of Islam which embraces acceptance, tolerance and peaceful coexistence, particularly when one considers the social and religious environment prevalent in that land. Another very popular blog which has been following the case very carefully and has been publishing feeds from all the posts on this blog, is Manal & Alaa's highly ranked blog linked here.... Additionally ME Faith has incorporated this blog as well as other interfaith sites into its collective website devoted to open dialogue, tolerance and interfaith collaboration.

All these recent posts, in addition to publicly proclaiming their support for the Baha'is in their struggle for their rights, they are calling for a stand-in at the Supreme Court on Saturday, 16 December 2006 during the session scheduled for 10 O'clock on that morning.


  1. This is a very encouraging development. Thank you, Bilo, for keeping us up to date with what is happening in Egypt.

  2. I wish if I had time to translate all this! You would then have seen the real strength of these posts.


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