Monday, December 04, 2006

Egypt: Public Support for the Baha'is

The email below was sent to me with its author's permission to publish it in its entirety. Also more posts appeared on Egyptian blogs and websites such as the ones linked HERE & HERE.

Another extensive article was written by the Egyptian journalist Mr. Nabil Sharaf el-Din and published in Elaf, a prominent daily electronic newspaper on 3 December 2006. It is accompanied with several comments from its readers, and can be seen HERE....

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Dec 4, 2006 5:12 PM
Subject: Egyptian Baha'is need attention

As reported by The Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights:

Supreme Admin Court to Consider Interior Ministry's
Appeal against Baha'is on Saturday

[Quoted statement of the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights]

We hope that international recognition of this case might effect the court's decision, like it has been influenced many times before by the presence of fanatic Islamists. And I wish that all the activists that are currently present in Egypt to head to court next Saturday to make a clear statement to the Egyptian government and fanatic religious groups and organizations.

The case of the Baha'is and religious minority rights crucially effects the status of liberalism in all of Egypt which is a need for the whole world, I hope that we all support this issue.




  1. Bilo, I enjoy looking at your web page every time I come to visit. What a flower in the Internet blog-garden!

  2. I'd like also to say that about your webpage.
    But about the subject of this post. It's obvious if our fellow citizens (muslim or christians) see us like good neighbours they will defend us. They don't need to be Bahá'ís to defend our freedom ou dignity.
    In the same way I beg the Bahá'is to have not prejucies against other religious groups.
    Now we are seeding but we don't how will be the harvest.

  3. Joao,
    As you well know, the Baha'is are required to live in harmony with--and respect for--their fellow human beings from the various religions, races and backgrounds regardless of the way others feel about the Baha'is. This has also been clearly the practice all along, and not just words.


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