Saturday, December 16, 2006

Egypt: Extensive Article on the Baha'i Faith in Al-Fagr

This article in Egypt's Al-Fagr newspaper was published on 11 December 2006, and is entitled "First photographed journalistic report on the Baha'i temple in New Delhi."

As a footnote, the writer announced "Next issue: the complete text of the Baha'is' al-Kitab al-Aqdas [The Most Holy Book]."

A summary in English will follow soon. This article can also be reviewed at the newspaper's website linke here.


  1. Bilo, I am really speachless, astounded, dumbfounded. I can only hope to recover my sense of perspective by repeating, "God sufficeth all things above all things and nothing in the heavens or on the earth sufficeth save God." (or something close to this). What does it mean? Time will tell. What is another appropriate qouote about focusing neither on praise or blame from fellow men but only on the good pleasure of God.

    I pray for the benefits to Egyptian society. Though I know too that the reaction of the extreme elements is waiting in the wings during 2007. Yet I believe that if anything the honor of journalistic reporting of the truth will spread a ray of light for the masses to independently question and examine for themselves the truth or fiction of what the Bahais have to offer.

    Edo River rising

  2. Edo River,
    We are witnessing earth shaking developments in Egypt now. The outcome of all this will be in God's Hands. The immediate events will not be of much meaning without placing them in the context of God's plan and in His own time....


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