Friday, December 01, 2006

Press Release: The Arabic Network for Human Rights

Just released, a statement by the Arabic Network for Human Rights Information regarding the Egyptian Baha'is Case pending to be heard in Egypt's Supreme Administrative Court on 2 December 2006.

Here is the English version of the statement:


The Supreme Administrative Court considers internal appeal against the Egyptians Baha'is coming Saturday.

The Supreme Administrative Court, the State Council on December 2, 2006, in consideration of the appeal submitted by the Interior Ministry against the ruling of the Administrative Court on April 4 last, which had been spent on Baha'is to obtain birth certificates, identification cards and other official documents that prove their conversion to the Baha'i. It should be noted that the case did not go to the existing recognition of the Baha'i or to the health beliefs, but only the case in the area of the right of citizens Egyptian Baha'is in obtaining official documents prove true beliefs or left the religion blank or put in front of free speech (again), which had existed for decades before the Civil Status Department decides on its own in the last four years, forcing citizens Baha'is to forgery in official papers and claim to engage in Islam or Christianity.


  1. On the one hand, it would be important to underline the phrase "Civil Status Department decides on its own" ( forcing citizen Baha'is to forgery in official papers ) ... On the other hand, .. I think no one can do things on their own, so I wonder how much society is accepting either by choice or by fear, to be influenced by fanaticism !!

    In all cases.. the point to keep emphasizing, is that the recent practices for the last few years, have had absolutely no legal (legislated) basis.


  2. Faisal,
    Good point...there is obvious need for "real" reforms, without which nothing much can change in behavior and attitudes!


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