Saturday, June 17, 2006

Egypt: Tolerance Could Lead to Renewed Greatness

Egypt prides itself in its past glories and its unparalleled ancient civilization. Egyptians are among the most generous, kind and hospitable human beings that could be found anywhere. They are known to be fun-loving and peaceful. Egypt has produced renowned authors, thinkers, inventors, artists, musicians, humanitarians, prominent scientists, and Nobel laureates. Hundreds of thousands of highly educated Egyptians have left their homeland for search of freedom from persecution and intolerance--a huge loss to the country's badly-needed human resources.

The first brain surgery ever performed was during Egypt's ancient glory. Some of those surgical instruments, seen in reliefs on temple walls, continue to be used today worldwide. Among many other innovations, the functioning of the cardiovascular system was first described in the ancient Alexandria University, with its famous library that was the source of all knowledge at the time, until it was burned by those who intended to retard civilization.

There is a significant component of the contemporary Egyptian society known to be tolerant and impartial. However, there remains an insular segment of society with enough legislative influence and authority who continue to hinder Egypt's progress towards an open and free society.

If Egypt could only free itself from the shackles of intolerance to religious and other minorities, it could leap forward and unleash its concealed potential to join the world's leading societies in progress, prosperity and innovation. There were definite glimpses of enlightenment in modern Egyptian history that propelled the country forward in the late 19th century and early 20th century, and it is also quite apparent that many of Egypt's current free thinkers are truly enlightened and tolerant.

Egypt is now in a unique position to prove to the rest of the world that it could, again, become a beacon of light for progress through tolerance and acceptance.

Religion must not be the cause of division and regress, but rather the source of unity and progress. Our religious beliefs are between us and God. Since they are our own personal responsibility to our creator, they should not be interfered with or held accountable to any other human being or civil authority. Society cannot, and should not dictate our religious beliefs or the method by which we worship. After all, when we leave our physical body, each one of us will be held personally accountable to God. Neither the entities of society nor the government will be there to answer for us. Why then should they control our beliefs now?


  1. one could say the same about Iraq too..

  2. This part of the world has suffered so much. Perhaps some day it could return to its glory, so that it could contribute to civilization again.... What a waste!


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