Sunday, June 25, 2006

Baha'is of Egypt: Documented Threats Escalating

A book calling for killing the Baha'is in Egypt was just published and distributed to bookstores and newspaper stands across the country.

The book is authored by Dr. Khaled Abdel-Halim el-Sayouty, under the authority and direction of the Ministry of Islamic Endowment, and the Supreme Council of Islamic Affairs in Egypt, and sold for a bargain price of one Egyptian Pound. It is dated June 2006 and consists of 104 pages. It is titled, "Baha'ism - its Beliefs and Colonial Goals", and includes statements made by al-Azhar's Islamic Research Ecclesiastical College clearly calling for the killing of Baha'is.

On page 99, it states the following (translated): "al-Azhar urges those in authority in the Arab Republic of Egypt to stand firm against this wrongful congregation which is against the Faith of God and the public order of this society. The judgement of God must be executed against it, the law it deserves must be enforced and must be interred with the dust [dirt] heaped over it together with its teachings. This is protection for all citizens from its apostasy, and its beliefs that are deviant from God's straight path. Those who have committed crimes against the truth [rights] of Islam and their nation, must disappear from life so they will not dare estrange themselves from Islam."


  1. God is the only judge of truth and provides punishment and reward related to matters of Faith and Religion. It is the right of anyone, Muslim or follower of another religion, to decide for himself / herself whether the Baha'i Faith is true or false. This is a matter of Faith. Faith cannot be changed by a decree or an order but by what is in the heart based on the search for Truth. However, it is not anyone's business to call for the punishment of others who believe differently. This type of book does not present true Islam which is a loving and peaceful religion. A very few of its followers are tarnishing its name and its teachings by imposing their narrow and dangerous interprestation. Most Egyptian Baha'is in Egypt, in fact, have never been Muslims: they were born to coptic parents or Baha'i parents. And all of them accept Islam as an inspired religion from God along with other divine religions whose source is One God.


  2. It cannot be said better...thank you for your logical, factual and pointed remarks.

  3. What does "no compulsion in religion" mean in Islam? Does it mean no compulsion to Christians and Jews only? Does it say no compulsion in government-recognized religions?


  4. What does "no compulsion in religion" mean in Islam? Does it mean no compulsion to Christians and Jews only? Does it say no compulsion in government-recognized religions?


  5. It sounds as if they are urgently calling on the legislative, judicial and executive authorities to do their business!

    It is, however, essential to point out that it is not up to a government or any other authority, be it judicial or ecclesiastical, to judge the Divinity and legitimacy of another religion. It is only up to the Creator to do so, to Whom we are all accountable.

  6. It is sad to see the religious leaders that are supposed to guide people to the “Straight Path” and promote amity and peace, instigating hatred and spreading lies. The accusations made in the new publication are old and have no historical, factual, or logical grounds. They are new versions of the same claims made since 1947 and answered by the Bahá’í community (To read the responses to various claims visit

    Fortunately, many in the Muslim world understand the true essence of Islam, and some have the courage to stand up to this propaganda of hate which does not reflect the principles of Islam and the actions and teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

    Thank you for keeping us updated.

  7. The Islamist leaders, instead of picking on peaceful and law abiding Bahais, should better look into their own lot!

    Who assassinated President Anwar el-Sadat?
    Who flies planes into buildings?
    Who blows themselves up to kill innocent men, women and children?
    Who blows up resorts, restaurants and quiet beaches?
    Who steers explosive boats into ships?
    Who blows up embassies?
    Who decapitates innocent people on television?
    Who kills diplomats serving their country?
    Who kills their own Muslim brothers and sisters with road-side bombs?
    Who spreads hatred and ugliness everywhere?
    Who calls others infidels?
    Who calls others unbelievers?
    Who blows up Buddhist and Hindu monuments and statues?
    Who attacks churches and kills Christians while in worship?
    Who sprays peaceful and vacationing tourists with bullets?
    Who executes innocent women in football fields?
    Who degrades and shackles women in the name of religion?
    Who covers women from head-to-toe so that Muslim men would not be tempted?
    Who does not cover men from head-to-toe so that women would not be tempted?!!!
    Who is spreading terror allover the world?
    And the list goes on………………….

    Are these Islamist Clerics, Sheikhs and Mullahs living in the world of reality?
    Are they trying to divert the world’s attention from their own downfall and impending doom?
    Is this the end of Islam? I would hope not!
    Islam calls for peace and brotherhood, not for hatred, intolerance, violence and bloodshed?

    With every passing day, I become more and more ashamed of being a Muslim.


  8. To all of my Muslim brothers and sisters who have posted comments here:

    I have nothing but the highest regard for the sincere practitioners of Islam, and have nothing but sincere love for Muhammad (pbuh). I just want you to know that there are many of us who know that the actions of a few fanatics are not in accord with His Teachings, and that we thank you for your kind words of support.

  9. Thank you Robin for your comforting words. There is hope!


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