Sunday, June 18, 2006

Baha'is Persecuted in Egypt: Just Published

This is an article that was just published today in the Egyptian newspaper named "WATANI" [My Homeland]. The article speaks for itself.

The second article, in Arabic, is titled: "Baha'ism between truth and false accusations." Its subtitle indicates that it is a conversation with two Baha'is regarding their deprived civil rights in a country with abundant waving of the banners of freedom.

Tomorrow, 19 June 2006, Egypt's Supreme Administrative Court reconvenes to decide on the Government's appeal of the lower court's ruling, which granted the Baha'is their rights to enter their religion on government issued ID cards and all other official documents.

This critical court case is being watched by Human Rights Organizations around the world.

Stay tuned!


  1. WATANI does a service to the field of Egyptian journalism by publishing this factual and unbiased article.

  2. This is so impressive, this courage and fairness of Egyptian journalists!!

  3. This seems to be a growing trend in modern Egyptian journalism.


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