Wednesday, January 14, 2009

"Baha'i Faith in Egypt" Listed in Top 50 Human Rights Blogs

Just received a communication today from e-Justice website informing me that this blog "Baha'i Faith in Egypt" was listed among the top 50 human rights blogs. The post listing these blogs is entitled: "World Watchdogs: Top 50 Human Rights Blogs."

The e-Justice site describes itself as follows:
Welcome to e-Justice where we tackle issues that matter to your safety and well-being. Our security and law experts provide the essential information you need to safely navigate through an often dangerous and confusing world. From cyber-law to personal security, we confront the issues that are important to you and your family. Join us in the pursuit for justice; take some time to read through our blog and become a more pro-active and informed citizen.

The following is the section under which the blog is listed:


From specific religious groups spreading awareness to blogs that pinpoint religious persecution, turn to this list.

  1. Baha’i Faith in Egypt and Iran: This blog considers the religious persecution inflicted upon the Baha’is of Egypt and Iran.
  2. Unitarian Universalist Service Committee: The UUSC blog shares news and spreads awareness about gender protection issues, Darfur and more.
  3. Religion News Blog: Besides being a great resource for learning about different religions, this blog reports on the latest issues and conflicts relating to religious culture and ethnic groups.
  4. Persecution Blog: Persecution Blog uncovers cases of Christian persecution around the world.
  5. The Liberty Blog: The North American Religious Liberty Association writes about religious bigotry, same sex marriage and more.
  6. Christian Persecution India: This blogger is passionate about investigating and publicizing Christian persecution in India.


  1. And well-deserved too.

    I noticed this:

    Egyptian Judge Ejects Lawyer for Christian from Court

    ... Attorney Nabil Ghobreyal was expelled from the courtroom at Cairo’s Administrative Court following a heated argument with Judge Mohammad Ahmad Atyia. The dispute arose after Atyia refused to acknowledge the existence of legal documents detailing the successful attempt of a Muslim man to convert to the Baha’i faith. Ghobreyal had planned to submit the court records of the decision in support of his case [relating to a Muslim convert to Christianity].

  2. A well deserved recognition of this excellent blog!

  3. لكم أفضل تهاني وأطيب مباركات

    تستحق هذا التقدير كل الاسنحقاق

    جزاكم الله خيراً على ما فعلتم وعلى ما تفعلون

  4. Thank you all for your encouragement. My only wish was that the need for such blog had never existed.

    Regarding the link mentioned above, here is the link to the piece on Compass News regarding the case of the dismissed attorney.

  5. dear senmcglinn & bilo
    i want to till u that there is a miastake about bahai case 1983 . he is not a converter from islam . he is bahai student third generation of bahai family he went to court to ask for ID after he denied that right from minstery of interior, after 4 years the high adminstrative court in 29-1-1983 accept to him to write bahai in his ID & that verdict that the judge in april 2006 took it in his consideratuon to prove his new verdict to give bahai right. so please if you want to know more visite my blog .

  6. would you please have a look at the comment of Dawn in here

    and the original version of "Ganje Shaygan" in here

    and be kind and translate the first paragraph, the 3 Arabic lines, and give some commentary.

    Trust your Arabic better than anybody else.

    much obliged in advance.

    Cyrus Elahi

  7. Iran Press Watch en español, now!
    Check it out:

  8. keep fighting the good fight BILO



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