Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Comic Depicting the Dilemma of Egyptian Baha'is

This comic was published on the 13th of December on page-19 of Al-Ra'i [the opinion] newspaper in Kuwait. It addresses the current situation of the Baha'is of Egypt. It's author is Mr. Amro Salim. It translates as follows:

The writing on the right side of the comic next to the child's head states: "the judiciary forced the [Ministry of] Interior to place (-) in the religion section of the [ID] card of the Baha'i."

The angry father of this bewildered child is complaining to the officer at the police station by saying: "I want to make a [police] report regarding the headmaster of the school of my boy...they are teaching the boy the Baha'i [religion] Ya-Basha [sir]!"

As to the evidence shown to the officer, he points to a page from a notebook with the title "arithmetic" that shows under the title "2 - 1 = 1" with the minus sign, in bold, resembling the dash (-) for religion on ID cards.

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