Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Irony of Denial

Another comic by Mideast Youth clearly illustrates the unfortunate situation facing the children of Baha'is in Egypt in their desperate attempts to enter school. One clear observation was that the Ministry of Education official denying the admission of a child to school wrote her denial on an apparently disposable piece of paper. The irony is that this poorly presented denial requests a computerized birth certificate from the child.

The comic speaks for itself (click on it to enlarge):


  1. Mideast Youth: Thank you!

    The cartoon is both sad and funny! It is appalling that young children are used by the government and its DOE representatives to pressure Baha'is to convert to one of the recognized three religions!

    In the name of Islam, where in Egypt or in the Egyptian Government is the "no compulsion in religion"?


  2. These children will be remembered in years to come as heroes.


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