Friday, June 20, 2008

Humor Tells it All in Egypt and Iran

Good humor has its way of making a point. Frequently it can tell much more than pages and pages of discourse. The two cartoons below, published by the Muslim Network for Baha'i Rights--a website operated by Muslim youth who took it upon themselves to defend the rights of the Baha'is wherever they are persecuted--illustrate this point very well.

The first comic speaks clearly for the identification document crisis facing the Baha'is of Egypt, and some of its effects on the daily living of these Egyptian citizens. The second one, also initially published on censeo humor site, depicts, in no uncertain terms, the strategy undertaken by the Iranian authorities in targeting the Baha'i population of that country.


  1. Bilo,

    these cartoon are hilarious!! and they tell the story so well, thank you for posting. hope the ID card issue will be resolved soon.

  2. "soon" may not be soon enough...time is a relative thing!

  3. I am more of a "get it done YESTERDAY" type of person for equal rights for Bahai and other religions outside of the "big Three"

  4. They do not hesitate in taking the rights away expeditiously, but when it comes to giving them back, time tends to stretch and feet are dragged.


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