Sunday, February 24, 2008

Is the World Ready for a Repeat?

Below are: 1) anti-semitic graffiti on a shop in Berlin, Germany in 1933, 2) & 3) anti-Baha'i graffiti in Isfahan, Iran in 2008, stating "death to baha'ism."
Credit (1): Holocaust Memorial Museum
Credit (2) & (3): Baha'i Blogfa


  1. what is scarer is that this could lead to WWIII.....

    the parallels are very frightening

    I guess on the bright side this could lead to more knowledge of the Bahai Faith

  2. The United Nations has unfortunately suffered a temporary setback in ensuring the respect of human rights and preserving the dignity of citizens in all countries. The problem appears to be the narrow national agendas of leading countries. The national agendas will soon be better informed with a world view when countries recognize that the security of people worldwide must be preserved if peace and security are to prevail.


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