Friday, October 05, 2007

Hezbu'llah Publicly Warns Baha'is of Iran

In its valiant efforts, the Muslim Network for Baha'is Rights (TMNBR) continues its unabated defense of the Baha'is in every land where they face persecution.

One of the most recent examples of bringing to light these atrocities, TMNBR reported on another form of intimidation that was publicized by the extremist group "Ummat Hezbu'llah" [people of God’s party].

The following is the full text of the post published on TMNBR:

Hezbu’llah’s warning to Baha’is
October 1st, 2007 by Admin II

The psychological pressure against the Baha’is of Iran reached a new height of hostility recently when on 7 Sept 2007 a public declaration was posted in Najaf-Abad (near Isfahan) from a certain “Ummat Hezbu’llah” [people of God’s party].

This declaration is titled “the first warning”, and begins by calling on “elements of prostituted Baha’is”, “spies of world domination” and “foreign traitors.”

It reads in part: “You thought that we would allow the country of the Imam Zaman [the Imam of the Age] to be a safe haven for you to propagate empty and void ideas authored by western imperialism, and like the idol-worshiping regime of Pahlavi, once again, for you to
suck the blood of people and seize control of the nation’s economy.”

It continues, “For as long as the blood of [Imam] Husayn flows through our veins and hope of appearance of the illustrious Lord of the Age remains in our minds, we, the Hezbu’llah, will not allow the elements of the fifth column, who are enemies of Islam and Muslims, to arise and plunder and destroy our Islamic and Iranian beliefs and culture.”

Then there’s this curious statement: “On numerous times we have asked the authorities to stop you, the traitors! However, apparently, they do not have a hearing ear.”

It seems through this statement the perpetrators are attempting to portray their anti-Baha’i activities as non-governmental and representing the will of the people.

This warning-poster concludes with an ominous statement that if the Baha’is do not remain quiet and silent, there will be “another round.” This is a coded message meaning blood of Baha’is will flow.

It is also important to note that the stamp of the local judiciary of Najaf-Abad is on this warning.

A few days after this posting, using heavy equipments and bulldozers, the Baha’i cemetery of Najaf-Abad was completely destroyed, even trees were uprooted. This heinous crime follows a similar wave that took place in Yazd some weeks earlier. And a similar poster was given to
the Baha’is of Vilashahr.

On the same subject, a very touching video was just published on YouTube at this link.


  1. In this case, the acts committed by Hezb'ullah and the Iranian government consist of grave desecration, destruction of property, vandalism, (state sponsored) terrorism, larceny, fraud, extortion, theft, slander, libel, instigation of violence, various forms of coercion, intimidation and harassment, among others which conclusively establishes the comprehensive body of definitions that also constitute crimes against humanity. Are such violent criminal elements be left free reign? Are not these the same ignorant and fanatical forces the same as those who propagate their acts beyond national borders? Do they not state in clear terms, their contempt for the Baha'is, western imperialism, foreign traitors, infidels; that is, all and any others not conforming to their perverse program of beliefs? Their threats have been carried out repeatedly, in the most shameful ways. This is a challenge to the stability and advancement of the world community.

  2. Thank you for identifying these issues.

  3. Hezb'ullah and the Government of Iran has sealed their own fate...

    and the people of Iran will suffer because of the stupidity of the Iranian government....

    and that is very sad...

  4. This is something shows still human race demands so much development and maturity. We develop so much but we didn't develop this kind of people who differentiate humanity in one race,religion, culture,country. If child born he doesn't know who he is? So it's being prime motive for a human teach humanity in this world and make a place to leave. Please Differentiate yourself from other creatures and make the creature proud on us.


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