Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Egyptian Baha'is Need to Wait Again for Court Ruling

Cairo's Court of Administrative Justice had a full docket today...all its twenty four cases got postponed!

Looking at the attached docket, it seems that almost every ministry and governmental agency is being sued by someone. Those attending in the court chamber appear to be a mix of individuals who are awaiting to receive some sort of closure on whatever cases they are litigating.

Of course, the Egyptian Baha'is, accompanied by a number of human rights activists and bloggers, are among those attending today's court session.

The following is a message received from one of those attending in court regarding the two cases litigated by the Egyptian Baha'is, described in this previous post. He explains what happened and why it did happen:

"Today was another disappointment...even though it was technically expected by the lawyers. The court postponed the cases to 13 November 2007 in light of the change of three of the judges of the court. October 1st is the date on which judges get shuffled around and promoted. When this happens while they are handling a case, it is technically expected that the case is presented again to the new panel of judges in the form of its final arguments and legal memoranda from both parties. If neither of the parties present any new arguments or documents there will be no retrial and the case remains in its pre-verdict state until 13 November."

What is not clearly understood is: since this change in judges is always expected to happen on the first of October, therefore it is a known fact that the court cannot rule on any cases during this period of time. Why then were these cases placed on the docket for final decisions when it was impossible to produce any such decisions? It appears to be a waste of time and expense for all those involved. It degrades people's emotions, sense of self-worth and dignity.


  1. Sure...and November 13 the judge will be playing golf.... while some people sit at home terrified of the future awaiting their families in their own country!
    I think that the Egyptian government better think twice before postponing this decision again. Time is passing... One should not forget that since October 1st, children and students have been deprived from school and adults unable to perform the job they are qualified for. The governemnet now owes these people private tutoring in their homes since school is mandatory and/or compensation for the missing salaries due to religious discrimination. How much more ammunition is the government willing to give these dedicated lawyers? Or will the new judge have the gumption to say "enough" and return its dignity to the Egyptian judicial system?

  2. Courts are to administer justice! Lately, the courts have failed in this mission, including the constant procrastination, hesitation, and indecision on a most basic fundamental of justice: fairness!

    Anonymous is correct in stating that the government should consider paying substantial compensation for harm done to a small peaceful minority of Egyptian citizens for no reason other than their religious beliefs.

    Whatever happened to the Islamic principles and values of fairness, courage, and compassion? Did they get mired and lost in hatred, incitement, fanaticism, and political manipulation?

    Regardless of how long the tide of injustice will last, justice is the eventual outcome. Posterity will judge that the Egyptian government has been on the wrong side of justice and the march of history!

  3. Many of us in CANADA are waiting for so long to know the fate of our families in Egypt, is there any respect? How long is it going to take to see the light?

  4. the best thing in dalyed these cases the meeting with activist & blogger they did effort with us in their places & writing article about us

  5. Nothing else to add after what others clearly said.. its so sad to hear its postponed again.
    I just wanted to assure egyptian Bahais that we are all praying for them.

  6. The inclusion of the case of the Baha'is along with the much longer list on the agenda to be heard by the Administrative Court is further proof of the lack of prioritization that is being given to this all-important issue. No doubt all cases are important, but at this time, the rights of an entire group of people and the long history of neglect is, without question, to be given full priority and resolve.

  7. This is just another illustration that the administration of justice is not an absolute, but rather a relative process. While some hold the higher ground, others may not have the presence of mind to even recognize where they stand!

  8. good things come to those who wait patiently. we are all patiently waiting a just outcome.

    even another setback might prove to be fruitful in other ways.

    think of all the people that have come to the aid of the baha'is who are seeking a resolution to this ID card situation. they are now more aware and that can only be good in the long run.

  9. One should ask, what is the government's intent?

    If its intent is to grant the Baha'is in Egypt their birth right as Egyptian citizens, it can do it now with no reason for the Baha'is to wait.

    If its intent in NOT to grant the Baha'is in Egypt their civil, human, and citizenship rights, then procrastination of the courts is a reflection of this negative intent.

    If the courts are truly independent of the legislative and executive branches, there may be hope. However, there is no evidence of such independence. Even if there is, with such negative intent, will the government not appeal the court's decision if it favors the Baha'is?

    All eyes should be on the government and demand from the government, not the courts, that it comes clean, apologizes for its treatment of this innocent and law abiding minority, and offer a substantial compensation to every man, woman, and child deprived of their rights to obtain or hold a job, carry on a business, obtain public education, health care, driver licenses, other government services, pensions, a birth certificate, or enter into any transaction while being abiding citizens who pay their taxes and serve in the military draft!

    This is a case that has gone beyond the courts and must be brought to an international court for crimes against humanity.

  10. Just imagine the patience these sweet souls must be accumulating as a result of their situation in this world. God bless them, they will be spiritual giants in the next world!

  11. Hmmmmmm. Postponement after postponement after postponement. Reminds me of the tricks some lawyers play in the U.S., taking advantage of the system in the hopes that litigants will eventually tire of it and go away. Unfortunately, it works in many cases. Hopefully this won't be true in the case of the Baha'is in Egypt. May God have mercy on their oppressors, and provide relief for everyone soon.

  12. Oh, to have an effective international court system to which all can turn when individual nations are unjust. May God hasten the day.


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