Thursday, November 02, 2006

Iran Intensifies Its Persecution Of Baha'is Again

One wonders at this yet another step taken by the government of Iran in its ominous moves in isolating and monitoring the Baha'is!

Where is it going with this?

Why is Iran so utterly concerned with a minority that is peace-loving, righteous, innocent, educated, God fearing, law abiding, oppressed, long suffering, promoter of unity and equality of humankind, and is the hope for a peaceful and prosperous future of the world?

This last letter released by Iran clearly betrays its intentions. To read more, please click here....


  1. Edo River here,
    This is exactly what I am wondering, the questions you have posed! we are missing something regarding the motives. or the people behind the actions. I can only guess that the pot is preparing to boil. This is just a sign of other issues in the society..similar to past situations in Iran. The injustice is shared.

  2. I don't think we are missing anything. Their motives and intentions are very clear and have been known for many years. We should also recognize that the majority of Persians, who are controlled by the radical minority, do not necessarily agree with these policies and many of them respect the Baha'is and understand their suffering. I can't tell you how many times I was told by Muslim Persians how much they appreciate the Baha'is and hold them in high esteem for their superior moral standards, and trustworthiness. This is what the radicals are afraid of....


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